It's a fare cop.

The "Revenue Protection Officers" were out in force again at Waterloo this morning, having a good old argument with a young woman over having the wrong ticket. Interestingly, every time I see that they have caught someone for fare-dodging it is invariably a young woman in her late twenties. Not teenagers, homeless people or dodgy looking foreigners: women.

This reinforces my view that women should not be carried on public transport during the rush hour; like bikes. They clog up the trains, they annoyingly do their make-up on the train (how stupid is that-to chose a location that moves about?) and they always have too many bags, coats and other possessions on them. Then when you arrive at the station they totter along in their ridiculous shoes and hold everyone up. Amazingly this slow moving stops when you are trying to board a tube and suddenly they develop this barracuda-like rapid acceleration which means that they can leap past you and grab the last seat.

Women, stay at home! There must be something more useful you could be doing.

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