Calendar Girl July: Jenny McCarthy

July's calendar girl (yes we know we are nearly in November but we have had a rather busy four or five months) is, we suspect, rather more famous in America than over here.  In fact, like Carmen Electra (another Playboy alumna), FHM thinks she is more well known in the UK than she is, probably because they are inveterate Playboy readers there (using the term "read" in its loosest sense - I don't think anyone at FHM can actually read).  

Jenny gives the nuns a shock

Unlike Carmen, however, Jennifer Ann McCarthy was an actual Playmate (for October 1993) and was later Playmate of the Year for 1994.  For her Playmate pictorial she wore the official sweater of her school,  Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School in Chicago, in something of a naughty schoolgirl themed pictorial.  She was just twenty when the magazine came out and declared that she would use her Playboy money to go back to college.

Her Playmate of the Year pictorial featured a trio of pictures which, at the time, impressed Agent Triple P a great deal in their suds-soaked sensuality. We think that these pictures by Richard Fegley remain the finest studies of her and we are almost prepared to forgive her her nasty plastic bust for the rear end one.

In fact, following the fame her Playmate of the Year title gave her she went off to Los Angeles and started on a TV and film career.  Originally appearing on Playboy shows but in 1995 was picked up be MTV for one of their series.   She went on to appear on many TV shows (even having several (short-lived) series of her own, including the dismal NBC sit-com, Jenny.  Her film career could have been much more stellar but she missed out on the lead for Showgirls (1995) (probably just as well), the lead role in Contact (1997) and Natalie in Charlie's Angels (2000).

She never quite made it global, as Pamela Anderson had and, in her earlier interviews had said that she had her sights more set on an Anna Nicole Smith-type career.  She didn't marry a geriatric Texan oil billionnaire but did end up, for a time, as girlfriend of annoying comic actor Jim Carrey and has recently broken up with one of those popular targets for Plymates, an NFL footballer.

Skinny but no waist

She keeps hammering away, however, and has written books and appeared in more forgettable TV and films.  Her son is autistic and she does a lot (sometimes controversially) for autism charities.  I'm afraid that, the trio of pictures above excepted, Agent Triple P has never been a big fan of Ms McCarthy, partly because her plastic bust (she had her implants removed in 1998, it is said) always looked ludicrous on her straight up and down body. 
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Calendar Plane of the Month August: Hawker Hurricane Mk 1

August's plane of the month is the Hawker Hurricane Mk1, the real victor (with all due respect to the Supermarine Spitfire) of the Battle of Britain.  Its ability to take damage and keep flying was legendary but even at the time the public preferred the more glamorous Spitfire

This art is for Airfix's massive 1/24th scale kit which Triple P is in the process of building or, rather, has been in the process of building for the last five years.  

In fact the box for Agent Triple P's model is this one which has considerably less effective box art.  So far all we have done is the propeller and part of the engine so progress is somewhat slow!

Agent Triple P's great uncle flew a Hurricane during the Second World War, in the night fighter role it was given having been outclassed as a front line fighter.  Until recently, less valued than the Spitfire only six remain airworthy out of a total of 14, 231 built compared with around 50 airworthy Spitfires.

We took these pictures of a Mark 2B at Dunsfold Aerodrome (home of Top Gear), which is only about fifteen miles from where we live, about three years ago.  This is the bomber version which was developed, again, as it became too slow, comparatively, to serve as a fighter.

Very much our favourite WW2 fighter, because of the family connection.
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So long Iveta and so long Aliona....

Iveta: Triple P has always enjoyed a leggy Lithuanian

So what were the producers thinking in inviting 74 year old Johnny Ball onto Strictly Come Dancing this year?  He plodded through his routine with substitute dancer perky Lithuanian Iveta Lukosiute (who patiently tried her best) and was the first person thrown off.  

The disaster of course is that the sulkily attractive Aliona Vilani now won't have the chance to some back after her ankle injury heals.  Hopefully she'll get some show dances later in the series.

Ball's foxtrot was at least an attempt at proper dancing which is more than can be said for Jerry Hall's effort. Unfortunately, we will miss this week's show as we will be somewhere over the Atlantic but hope Victoria Pendleton's renaissance continues and hope they get Ola into a catsuit before her time runs out too.
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Letitia Herod - Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model winner

This striking young lady, 19 year old Letitia Herod, has just won the rather clumsily titled TV show Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.  Considered a bit of an outsider at first, because of her curvy (for a model, anyway) figure, she has the sort of chiselled cheekbones which could give her a good career, although she actually wants to be a doctor, like her stepfather.

The 5'9" tall Letitia attended Esher College, as did Keira Knightley, and did sciences at A-level but it looks like the next stage of her academic career will have to go on hold.

More interestingly she lives in Oxshott, as does Agent Triple P.  In fact, here she is on Oxshott station platform where Triple P stands most days!  Haven't seen her yet, though!

She certainly scrubs up nicely, as we can see from this advertisement for Revlon which appeared last week.  We shall follow her career with interest!  

Update: we have now seen her on Oxshott station and very lovely she looked too!

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50 Years of James Bond Films - Eunice Gayson

It's the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the first James Bond film, Dr No (1962), today and what better way to commemorate it than this superb shot of Eunice Gayson as the original Bond girl, Sylvia Trench, in that film.  Her two best assets are very well accentuated in this photo.  She was a comparatively old thirty four when she appeared in Dr No and was, of course, due to appear in the first six films as Bond's ongoing girlfriend but was dropped after From Russia with Love (1963).  

The leggy Rank Charm School actress was born in Croydon in 1928 (or 1931 as she claims) and she originally trained to be an opera singer before going into films in the 1948 production My Brother Jonathan.  She used her singing voice when appearing as the Baroness in the Sound of Music on stage in London but, ironically, she was, like many of the early Bond girls, dubbed by Nikki van der Zyl for the films.

Her daughter, Kate, appeared briefly in the casino scene in GoldenEye (1995).

Despite not coming back for Bond she added to her spy credentials by appearing in the sixties series, The Saint, Dangerman, The Adventurer and The Avengers.  She had finished with acting by 1972.

Eunice in the dress she wore for the scene that introduces Bond for the very first time  in the Casino in Dr No

She now lives, like Agent Triple P himself, in Surrey England.

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