Calendar Girl February: Irina Shayk

February's calendar picture

Well, we admit that posting our February calendar girl on the last day of the month is rather tardy but our excuse is that we have been in the Arabian Gulf for the last few weeks.

Miss Shayk demonstrates her appeal

Before we begin March, and a new young lady adorns our wall, we thought that, as a completist, we should just post Miss Irina Shayk.

Irina was born on January 6, 1986 in Yemanzhelinsk, a Russian mining town in the Urals 1200 miles east of Moscow.

The only other famous person to be born there was concert accordianist and composer Friederich Lips who is not nearly as attractive as Irina. Irina's real last name is Shaykhlislamova so it's not surprising that she shortened it to Shayk (or sometimes Sheik).

Very, very toned

She has recently been the signature model for Guess and Intimissimi.

She is a lofty 5' 9 1/2" and 34-23 1/2-34 1/2.

She is very much Agent Triple P's sort of woman with her large lips athletic figure and world class derriere. There are many, many pictures of her on the internet but almost exclusively she is dressed either in lingerie or a swimsuit. And why not?

The only picture we could find of Irina dressed

Agent Triple P has only been to Russia once where he spent a few days in St Petersburg. We were in the City Hall of Smolny (which used to be a girl's school, appropriately) at lunchtime when all the governmnet secretaries came out of their offices. It was like Milan Fashion Week. We have never seen so many complete babes in one place!

From Russia with love

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Lost Babes: Andrea Allan from UFO

Here is another of the purple-bewigged lovelies from Gerry Anderson's UFO. The girls in the silver suits and purple hair were the crew of Moonbase from the paranoid 1970 classic. The series never explained the purple wigs; although when Moonbase characters came to Earth they left the wigs behind. It has been suggested that they were there to combat static electricity!

Andrea Allan played Moonbase operative Carol Miller in the show and in our opinion was the most beautiful of the Moonbase girls. Carol was born in Glasgow on November 18th, 1946. She first appeared on TV in 1965 and had a number of small parts on TV and film over the next ten years.

Andrea on The Benny Hill Show March 23rd 1977

Her final appearance being on an episode of the Benny Hill show in 1977 (where she was billed as Ellie Reece-Knight).

Italian poster for Scream...and Die! or Shadow of the Assassin as they called it.

Andrea in Scream...or Die!

Her biggest role was in the 1973 film Scream... and Die! directed by Spanish Horror film specialist José Ramón Larraz (best known for Vampyres (1974)), where she was the lead character.

She also had a co-starring role in Spanish Fly (1975) a film we remember seeing the trailer for at the cinema, and it looked bad even then. She featured in a shower scene with none other than classic character actor Leslie Phillips! In fact she took her clothes off in most of her film roles and it is in this period, thankfully, that she posed for Penthouse. There is a bizarre link to an earlier Gerry Anderson show in this dire sex-comedy. The producers hired the voice of Captain Scarlet Frances Matthews to dub a gay Spanish photographer!

Andrea posed for Penthouse for the August 1975 edition. She was not the Pet of the Month, that was English girl Jane Hargrave. In another bizarre link Jane now lives in Teddington, also the home of Benny Hill and indeed Teddington Studios where the Benny Hill Show was made. Anyway, here is Andrea in all her 37-24-36 glory. No further comments are neccessary!

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Wide Screen!

Agent Triple P has invested in a shiny new Hewleet Packard Widescreen 22" monitor for his PC. We are finding it easier to read things, have less eyestrain and of course find it much better for working on PowerPoint and what have you. You can also actully watch a DVD on it without strain as well. A bonus, of course, is that nice horizontally formatted wallpaper like Miss February 1964, Nancy Jo Hooper, looks much more impressive!
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Most searched item.. January

Ayshea Brough

We now have a facility which tracks what people were searching for when they came to this blog. Not surprisingly most people were looking for pictures of women but we did get the odd one looking for other things.

The top most searched items for January were (in order)

1 Ayshea brough
2 Luci Victoria
3 Sophie Howard
4 Linda Lusardi
5 Margaret Nolan
6 Danish Schoolgirls striptease
7 Gabrielle Drake
8 Sellotape history
9 Holly Willoughby
10 Fontainebleau Hotel
11 Brigitte Barclay
12 Brande Roderick
13 How to Murder your Wife soundtrack
14 Aphrodite Kallipygos
15 Norman bel Geddes

We are surprised by Ayshea Brough winning out against other more current pin ups girls but she got searches every day in January. Gabrielle Drake was also well up there showing that UFO is still popular. We will add another UFO lovely, Andrea Allan, later. Also, 1960s model and actress Margaret Nolan got a top 5 result. Probably because there aren't that many sites which feature these particular ladies. We are quite gratified to see that designer Norman bel Geddes beat out the likes of Helena Christensen, Lauren Pope, Cheryl Cole and Hannah Spearitt.

We were also surprised to see some people had actually left comments on the site, as we hadn't enabled e-mail notification, including one who worked with Miss Brough.

Miss Brigitte Barclay seems quite popular so I might put some more pictures of her up, as I only have one on the site compared with the other ladies.
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Agent Triple P likes snow and enjoyed the rather unexpectedly heavy fall we had this week. Where we live we had somewhere between 12 and 15 inches at it's deepest, which is a lot! South West Trains completely gave up and didn't run any trains on our line at all for two days. On the Monday most of the village turned out to observe the ever increasing carnage on the hill on the main road. Helpfully, there are road works at the top so a traffic light controls the only open lane. When the light turned green, the cars failed to get anywhere so some cars started overtaking the ones which had got stuck, shooting the lights and then of course running into other cars (sometimes literally!) coming the other way. Hilarious!

Porsche Boxter abandoned just behind lamp post!

People with rear wheel drive cars were completely stuck and we saw a fair amount of Porsche's which had been tempoarily abandoned. Indeed, poor Agent DVD had a nightmare trip back from Gatwick taking nearly eight hours to cover what should have taken 45 minutes. He had to abandon his Porsche in Esher for a couple of days. Maybe he will get a Subaru next...

Triple P's Canadian friends were all most amused by the way the country came to a halt given a few inches of snow, as there was coverage on Canadian TV. Well, actually, we have seen Canadians slithering around in the snow on the day the first snow falls. Yes, it gets cleared quicker but they have the same trouble driving until they put their snow tyres on.

In fact it was the expensive cars which were having the most problem. Uncharacteristically, Agent Triple P helped push around half a dozen cars on his walk but mainly if they had young women in them. We were particularly taken by the young lady in this green one, who we helped after taking this picture of the automotive carnage.

The whole thing begs the question as to whey all these people were trying to drive in appalling conditions in unsuitable cars. They can't all have been doctors/fireman/air traffic controllers (runs out of really useful people who might be expected to try to get to work no matter what).

Oh well, next day we had a nice walk in the woods which were looking very scenic. There were lots of people out cross country ski-ing. It was all a bit Swedish!

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