Happy Easter!

Carol Imhof, Playboy, March 1970

May the Easter Bunny bring you everything you desire!
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Calendar Girl, March, Emily Atack

Just time to get in March's young lady who is the dinky Emily Atack of whom Triple P had never heard of until she appeared in Dancing on Ice in 2010 (she went out in the eighth round). Dancing on Ice (and, indeed Strictly Come Dancing) like to include a young bimbette in their lists to keep male viewers happy but they don't usually do very well as the principal viewers of the show are women. E

Emily, we seem to recall was actually quite good, or maybe we are just remembering her little outfits. It was quite clear that her professional skating partner on Dancing on Ice was very taken with her and was, no doubt, hoping for one of the show's notorious romances. However. Emily made it quite clear that she didn't think much of his looks. Obviously a girl who knows her own worth.

She is mainly know for being an actress in the series The Inbetweeners, which we have never seen although she has had other TV appearances.

Emily was born in 1989 in Bedfordshire and is the daughter of quite well known actress and singer Kate Robbins who is related to Paul McCartney. We remember Kate as an impressionist performing voices for the mush missed satirical puppet show Spitting Image.

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Kelly McQueen for St Patrick's Day

As it's St Patrick's day we wondered whether there had been a Playboy Playmate from Ireland who could cheer up this wet and gloomy day (at least where Triple P is).

Sadly, there has never been a Playmate from Ireland, which is odd as Triple P has travelled there quite often and the local girls are disproportionately attractive (especially if you like redheads).  These days the chances are that a pretty girl in Dublin is just as likely to be from from Poland or Lithuania; although there is nothing wrong with that per se.

UK edition December 1968

US edition October 1969

So we thought about Penthouse as an alternative and remembered the staggeringly gorgeous Kelly McQueen who was Pet of the Month in December 1968 in the UK edition.  Nearly a year later she was the second Pet of the Month in the new American edition of the magazine, using, economically, the same pictorial from the British edition but a different cover.

UK edition March 1971

In March 1971 she became the Penthouse Pet of the Year in the UK (but not in the US where that title went to the Scottish Tina McDowell) and the UK edition reused the cover photo from her appearance in the US.

Kelly was born in Dublin and was nineteenwhen she appeared in Penthouse.  Her father was the manager of a chain of cinemas in Ireland and she was spotted by a Penthouse editor when working in one of her father's cinemas in Dublin

Kelly was one of the Pets taken by Bob Guccione on tours of North America to promote the launch of Penthouse there in 1969.  Well, you would, wouldn't you.

Kelly is one of our favourite Penthouse Pets from the sixties (if not our absolute favourite) combining a really beautiful face, great legs and an absolutely killer figure literally topped off by a perfect bust.

Her Pet of the Year pictorial also included this splendid rear-end shot.  Truly a well rounded girl in every way.

Kelly's appearances in Penthouse were pre-pubic but in the post-pubic October 1970 issue she appeared in the Pet of the Year playoff pictorial and had this one enticing picture where she displayed a glimpse of her fluff.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

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Danielle Lineker for St David's Day

Most of the women who appear here are just images but, sometimes, Agent Triple P has actually seen or even met the lady in question.  Danielle Lineket, wife of former England footballer Gary, lives a few miles away from Triple P and we have often seen them around and about Esher.  We even spoke to her once in Waitrose.

Born in Cardiff as Danielle Bux she became a model after winning a place in a Miss Hawaiian Tropic competition in Las Vegas when she was eighteen.  It's a wet, horrible morning so we were particularly drawn to this picture of her recreating the Ursula Andress opening scene from Dr No.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!
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No more pop ups...we hope!

The only pop up we want to see here...

This and one or two of my other blogs have been suffering from annoying pop up pages when you click on a picture.  We have run every anti-virus, anti-trojan and anti-worm piece of software we could get our hands on but to no avail. 

However, we think we have now tracked the problem down to one of our page counters which we have now eliminated.  This seems to have cured the problem.  Please let me know if you are still getting anything.
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