iPod Troubles

I've been trying to sort out my playlists. I tried, with Agent DVD's help, to move all my music onto my external hard drive as my 14mb of music is filling up my pc. Unfortunately it didn't work for some reason and the iPod refused to talk to the new hard drive. Maybe I'll have another go but maybe not as I lost all my playlists and had to manually re-enter over a 100 playlists and repopulate them with all 4000 tracks. It took hours. They're still not quite in the right order so I must try to make time over the weekend to sort them out. I must also have another go at my ION MP3 turntable. The trouble is I really need a record cleaning brush to get some of the dust off. I used to have one but I've no idea where it is..

Oh, this is Marissa Miller for Sports Illustrated. What a good picture!
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Hotel Babylon

Agent Triple P appreciates 5 star hotels, glossy TV and attractive women so is very glad that Hotel Babylon is back for series 2.

When I watched the first series last year I thought it was a sort of BBC answer to Footballers Wives. It was certainly much glossier than most BBC TV drama. Filmed in High Definition with nice lighting. Set in a fictional London 5 Star hotel it features the adventures of an ensemble cast with multiple storylines every week (not disimilar to the old US TV series Arthur Hailey's Hotel in fact). Although it certainly doesn't look much like a 5 star hotel; more like a provincial 4 star business hotel but it is on a BBC budget, I suppose.

In fact I now realise that much of the format and approach is copied from the American show Las Vegas (whilst being considerably cheaper!). The glossy overhead city shots between scenes, the episodes largely set in the one building, the behind the scenes aspects, the stories featuring the misadventures of the guests, the celebrity guest stars, the off-on relationship between the leads etc. Well, nothing wrong with that; it's a good model!

Whilst the original trailers last year promised much in the way of scantily clad women it is actually much milder than Footballers Wives and, indeed, even Las Vegas although they usually do manage to get at least one woman in lingerie into each episode.

Leading lady Tamzin Outhwaite does nothing for me but the two secondary women are far more interesting

Twenty nine year old Natalie Mendoza plays Jackie whose role in the hotel is never quite clear other than to be the leading man's on/off love interest. She was born in Hong Kong of Filipino parentage and has a fetching Australian accent.

A fine looking woman who needs to be pounced on by the likes of FHM in my opinion. This black and white shot shows off her potential nicely.

Emma Pierson plays Anna Thornton-Wilder the bitchy receptionist and there is more than a nod to the Sam Marquez character in Las Vegas in her performance.

She has had several scenes where she is delightfully underdressed (although, sadly not as underdressed as below).
Thankfully, however she has already posed for Loaded.

I think we need more pictures of both these lovely women. Agent Triple P will certainly be making a date on Thursday evenings for the next seven weeks!

Fortunately series 1 is out on DVD in a month's time. Talking of which, Agent DVD will be mightily annoyed that he has missed this (and indeed will miss next week's) episode on account of the fact that he is on a mission to Argentina (or Peru or Chile or some such place). I'd have taped it for him but his technology is now so space age I don't think he can handle lowly VHS tapes.

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Kirsty Brimelow: Trollope of the week!

Well, no doubt who babe of the day is today: bleached-blonde barrister at the centre of the Director of Public Prosecutions sex-scandal, Kirsty Brimelow. It wasn't easy finding a picture using Alta Vista image search as the only one was obviously on her chamber's web-site (entertainingly the head of the chambers is called Trollope) and not surprisingly they have deleted her page (probably because it kept crashing their website).

Agent Triple P finds the toothy Kirsty particularly attractive (probably because she reminds him of an ex-girlfriend with a penchant for backdoor action). Usually when you find public figures caught out with a researcher/junior/secretary the woman in question tends to be a dreary bluestocking or middle aged housewife-alike with a face like old porridge, solid legs and the waistline of the Michelin man and you think, "Couldn't he do better than that?"

In this case we salute Sir Ken Macdonald for his good taste! Kirsty is fit (she likes kick boxing and kung fu), obviously intelligent (if not too astute) and is described as vivacious (which usually means "she goes like a bomb").
I will refrain from poor jokes about briefs and hope in the future she gets the Valentines Day she deserves (but then again, maybe she deserves this one).

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