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Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Cheryl in Los Angeles yesterday

Agent Triple P's former neighbour, Cheryl Cole, is 30 today and even though she is no longer the nation's sweetheart (she tried too hard, couldn't sing and was generally a bit rubbish) we still think she is a very attractive young lady.  And, in some versions of the universe (certainly the one inhabited by these blogs), that in itself is enough. 

Born in Newcastle, a city we have never been to and have no desire to visit either, she was, it seems a right stroppy madam from the start.  Winning a place in manufactured group Girls Aloud in 2002 started her climb to stardom (at least in Britain -it seems Americans couldn't understand a word she said).

Cheryl in 2002

Many women don't seem to like her but then many women don't seem to like other attractive women which is odd considering the whole fashion industry is built around showing women pictures of more attractive women in (they would claim) an aspirational way.   You would think, therefore, that Cheryl would be a fine role model going from dumpy, council estate brawler to international fashion icon (because she's worth it).

Anyway she has posed for some fine images in the past which is enough for Triple P and she waved us out onto the main road once where we live.

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Black and White Babe of the Week 30: Edita Vilkevičiūtė

Well, we were shocked to discover that we haven't posted a black and white babe of the week for over two years (you can see where the concept has utterly failed).  This is because we now, largely, post our pictures of women on our Venus Observations blog which did not exist when we started this one.

In fact, we notice that our last black and white babe (the peerless Monica Bellucci) was posted to coincide with Agent DVD's birthday.  So why not post another one, we thought?

The subject matter soon became apparent.  This week we have been having discussions with a former business colleague in Lithuania (actually she became rather more than that for a time).  Coincidentally, Agent DVD is in (or, perhaps, just returning) from a holiday in the Baltic States.

So we decided to go for a black and white babe from Lithuania.  Agent Triple P has visited Lithuania  at least half a dozen times and it really does have some of the loveliest young women on the planet and they are now very common in the modelling scene.

The only thing that holds them back from greater world recognition, we suspect, are their engagingly complicated names, which do not exactly trip off the tongue.

Here then is Edita Vilkevičiūtė who was born in Kaunus on New Year's Day 1989. After winning a modelling competition there she debuted in 2006.

After a few seasons working in Spain she broke into the Paris, London and New York arenas.  Recently she has figured in high profile campaigns for Calvin Klein, Louis Vuiton, Emporio Armani and Karl Lagerfield.  She has also been a Victoria's Secret angel.

She really is a classic Baltic beauty and at 5'9" possesses the sort of willowy figure you often encounter wafting around Vilnius (or, indeed, Kaunus) in the long, light evenings in the summer.

Unlike most American models she is quite happy to be photographed wearing nothing at all and, in fact, it was quite tricky to find any black and white pictures of her dressed.

Utterly gorgeous!

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