Boots Sandwiches

Boring, boring, boring!

Well, we were down in Boots today picking up yet another prescription or three (it's miserable being old) so we had a look at their sandwich selection to see if we could find something different for lunch. What a disappointment! A very boring selection indeed! BLT, Tuna, Chicken, Egg and Cress (who, over the age of five eats egg and cress sandwiches?), prawn; all the usual stuff in fact.

Don't pander to these people!

Now there used to be a time when Agent Triple P always got his sandwiches at Boots, but that was in the days when you could get the likes of Chinese pork and, his all time favourite, Mexican chicken. Now, 21% of the sandwiches that Boots sell are vegetarian so a good deal of their sandwiches are, as a result, immediately condemned from Triple P's standpoint. This is, no doubt, because Boots is, basically, a girls' shop and, for some reason, lots of girls are vegetarian. I am sure that this is because less and kess women prepare proper meals from raw ingredients, including bits of dead animal, so they have all got super squeamish about it.

The Admiral Hotel, Copenhagen

So, no Boots sandwiches for Triple P any more. Not that many of the other supermarkets are any better, with the range available getting less and less adventurous. Ah well, making your own sandwiches is the only answer, we suppose! Our current favourite at home is prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and pesto. The pesto really lifts the whole thing. We first had this combination in our favourite hotel in Copenhagen, The Admiral, where it was served in a whole ciabatta. In their version the prosciutto was cut so thick that biting into it was something of a challenge so we have modified our version by using the more common very thinly sliced ham instead.

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