Clémence Poésy

Can there possibly be a more melifluous name for a young actress than Clémence Poésy? 

Sometimes Agent Triple P spots an actress in a minor role who impresses him to such an extent that he looks her up afterwards.  We did it some years ago when we spotted a teenage Rachel Weisz in an episode of Inspector Morse. We just did the same with Mlle Poésy.

We have to take someone to the new Harry Potter exhibition at Leavesden Studios later in the year but given that we had only watched half of the first film on an aeroplane flight we felt we needed to know more about the phenomenon; otherwise the hours we will no doubt have to spend there could be incredibly tedious.

So we setlled down over about ten days and watched all eight films.  It was quite strange to watch the young cast grow up in such a concentrated time period.  We can't think of an equivalent where a junior cast matures over the course of a series of films like this.  The nearest equivalent, we suppose, would be The Waltons TV series.

Anyway, we got to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (or Goblin of Fire as S insists on calling it) where there is a sort of wizarding Olympics.  Cue the arrival of the all-girl French team, in fetching blue outfits, led by their chief witch, Fleur Delacour.

Clémence, as Fleur, didn't have a lot to do in the film, really, but always looked elegant doing it and had the dubious honour of being the only girl to appear in a Harry Potter film in skimpy clothes (a very snug swimsuit).  She was, at twenty two, rather older than the rest of the juvenile cast.

Mlle Poésy, coincidentally, is currently appearing on the BBC in an adaption of Sebastien Faulks' World War I drama, Birdsong.

She was born in a suburb of Paris and her father is a theatrical director and actor.  She had her first acting role at the age of fourteen and is now twenty nine. 

Apart from appearing in three Harry Potter films and in French films and TV she has also been in, rather  incongruously, Gossip Girl.  She has just finished making a film with Michael Caine.

Not surprisingly she has done some modelling notably for the perfume of the fashion house Chloé.

Unlike most French actresses, who seem happy to strip off for the camera at the first opportunity, she was unhappy with her topless scene when she was eighteen; complaining that it was inappropriate for a director to ask her to do that.  She now has a clause in all her contracts which say that nude scenes of her (she hasn't said she won't do them) are not to be used as publicity stills or in film trailers. 

Sorry Clémence, but if you do the scene, whatever your contract says, there is always the print screen button!

Agent Triple P likes a girl with a strong nose and full lips so hopes  Clémence will go far!
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Calendar Girl January 2012: Kelly Brook

Another new year and for us here in Great Britain its the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics.  So what better way to start the year than with the gorgeously regal Kelly Brook.

Turtley scrummy!

Kelly has been as busy as ever of late.  In November she was in Belgium filming for the SF series Metal Hurlant Chronicles and looking very fetching in black leather.

Just before Christmas she posted this effective picture on her Twitter account to prove it was, indeed hers.  She could have photographed herself wearing some sensible Jeans and a tee shirt but Kelly is all about Glamour with a capital "G".

Here she is, in another self-post, at Christmas demonstrating an enviable way to deliver presents.

At present she is promoting the (rather good) range of lingerie she has designed for New Look.

This picture of a young Kelly (right) with her brother Damian and her mother, Sandra, demonstrates where she got her looks from.  We have Sandra to thank for encouraging her daughter to take up modelling.

As a result the sixteen year old Kelly started off doing page 3 shots for the Daily Star, which was famous for being the first newspaper in the UK to have colour photographs; much to the derison, at the time, of its competitors.  It meant, however, that their babes were in colour whilst The Sun's remained in black and white.  Here is one of Kelly's early page 3 shots for the Star.
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Special K girl Merissa Porter

Special K, the girls low-calorie breakfast cereal, that looks and tastes just like cattle feed, are running one of their post Christmas blowout campaigns at present.  Daring women to wear red (for some unfathomable reason that obviously makes sense to advertising people) their TV, internet and print ads feature the really rather delectable model, Merissa Porter.

27 year old Merissa hails from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, although more recently she has been living in Surbiton just a few stations up the mainline from where triple P lives.

Other than the lovely Merissa, Biggleswade is famous for being the birthplace of music hall producer and performer Charles Penrose (1873-1952), whose really rather sinister 1922 song The Laughing Policeman used to give Triple P nightmares when he was little.

Talking of music, guitar playing Merissa was in a singing group a few years ago called Mr Skillz and the Crazy Girls (above, second from right) but they only seem to have only released one single, in 2007.

Oddly, given the low calorie nature of Special K, Biggleswade is also the home to decidedly high calorie breakfast cereal Jordans Original Crunchy.  Originally bringing the alien concept of granola to the UK in the early seventies, Jordans sells itself on a healthy image despite many of its cereals, such as Jordans Original Crunchy, containing bucketloads of sugar (28% for raisins and almonds version) and saturated fat.

It's also ironic that a girl whose first job at the age of sixteen was in Pizza Town in Biggleswade is fronting a campaign aimed at slimmers.

Merissa's own 34-24-34 figure looks like it needs very little help from Special K!

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The return of Dancing on Ice

Jennifer Ellison gets her skates on

Another of Triple P's guilty TV pleasures is Dancing on Ice, which returns tomorrow. Although very much a poor relation to Strictly Come Dancing it usually has enough fit young women in tiny outfits to keep us amused for an hour or two on a Sunday evening.

Charlene Tilton a very long time ago

This year the level of celebrities competing rarely gets above D grade.  Indeed we have only heard of five out of the twelve.  The biggest two names this year are: Charlene Tilton from Dallas who is universally known in the UK as "the poison dwarf" (thanks to radio DJ Terry Wogan who had a thing about her in the eighties) and diet guru Rosemary Conley.  Both of these are there to fight the accusations of ageism that is besetting TV channels here.

Lingerie model Jennifer Ellison has never appealed to Triple P because of her plastic bust (allegedly- she claims its natural) and enormous forehead.  She ballooned in weight after having a baby recencly so it is all credit to her for losing an amazing five stone (that's 70lbs for those who don't understand our medieval system of weighing people) to get ready for the show.

Jennifer Ellison after the birth of her baby

Triple P will be supporting local girl, Olympic skiier Chemmy Alcott, who is using her stint on the show as part of her rehabilitation from a horrific crash last year.  One of her legs is now mostly metal.

Chemmy Alcott

Also worth looking our for is Jorgie Porter, an actress from the TV show Hollyoaks, which is only really famous for producing an endless line of identikit "blonde" starlets.

Jorgie Porter displays the sort of strong rear needed for skating

None of these splendid ladies will win, of course, as the nature of the voting viewers will mean that it is likely to be the male soap actor.  There is one intriguing entry this year, Frenchman Sebastien Foucan, one of the creators of freerunning, who appeared in the opening sequence of Casino Royale (2006) being chased up a crane by James Bond. He should have good balance anyway.

Holly Willoughby

The biggest disappointment for Triple P is the replacement of the pneumatic Holly Willoughby (two of the main reasons to watch the show) as co-presenter by the rather more average WAG, Christine Bleakley.  Bleakley has already stated that she won't try to compete with Willoughby's notorious plunging necklines.

Christine Bleakley

More interesting to Agent Triple P is the inclusion on the judging panel of Olympic gold medallist Katarina Witt who we always had a thing about.  The only woman to make figure skating sexy, largely because of her very unskater-like figure where she was a woman amongst a host of twiglets.

Katarina Witt

More features on some of these ladies as the series develops, no doubt.
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Calendar Plane of the Month, January: Supermarine Spitfire Mark I and Messerchmitt Bf 110c

Agent Triple P has two calendars this year: one of girlies, of course, and another featuring pictures of box art from Airfix model kits.  Agent Triple P, like many of his contemporaries, spent a lot of time making Airfix kits when he was younger and one of the earliest he remembers building was the "dogfight doubles" kit of a Spitfire and a Messerschmitt 110. 

The version that Triple P built was this one with a typically wonderful box art painting by Roy Cross.  This is something of an anachronistic painting in that it puts a Mark IX Spitfire alongside a 1940 vintage Me 110 D.  The new kit, more accurately, has a Mark I Spitfire instead.  These paintings persuaded Triple P to part with most of his pocket money at the time.  Later on, political correctness meant that aircraft couldn't be shown in combat action and, for a time, a photo of the models themselves was used on the box but the reality of these, however well made and painted they were, could never fire the imagination like Cross' artwork.

These days, the cover paintings are produced digitally rather than by using paint but they are still effective and its good to see the action scenes have returned.  These new digital pictures are the work of technical artist Adam Tooby who has managed to put some painterly life into his digital images and has avoided the sterile look that most computer generated artwork has.
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