Retro interiors from the Past 6: Frigidaire kitchen of the future

Here, from 1956, is Frigidaire's kitchen of the future, which still looks modern and stylish today.  At this time Frigidaire was owned by General Motors and so the kitchen featured in a segment of their amazing film Design for Dreaming (1956) about a woman (dancer Tad Tadlock) who dreams of being whisked off her feet by a man (as did all women then) and visiting the General Motors Motorama (perhaps less of an aspiration for most women).

One of the sequences features her baking a cake in this futuristic kitchen.  Motorama was a travelling exhibition (which ran from 1949 until 1961) organised by General Motors which showcased prototypes, concept vehicles and other futuristic exhibits. Occasionally, accompanying films were made to show to people who were unable to visit the exhibition itself.  The 1956 version went to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Miami and a total of over 2 million people went to see it.  The film Design for Dreaming directed by William Beaudine was filmed in Miami although it purported to be set in the ballroom of the New York Waldorf hotel (one of the venues for Motorama).  

I think I'll bake a cake!

The kitchen featured special recipe cards which bring up an image of the finished dish.  There was also an ultrasonic dishwasher, a marble topped range with induction coils that didn't get hot and the plexiglass domed oven. 

A very cool fridge!

Our favourite bit is the curve fronted revolving interior fridge, however. We would really like one of these!

I can prance about in my hi-tech garden/recreation area whilst my kitchen bakes my cake

In the film it not only cooks the cake whilst the lady is off playing golf and lounging about in her swimsuit it seems to miraculously put lighted candles on as well!

Hooray, what man could resist me!  I'm sure he'll whisk me away in a Firebird 2 now!

The future will be very exciting!  You can watch the whole film here.
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