Too thin for cling

Helena Christensen in Hervé Léger

French fashion designer Hervé Léger, who has designed some very effective dresses indeed in the past, today said that he no longer ran runway shows because the current crop of skinny, sad-looking models depress him.  Quite right Hervé! 

Cindy Crawford in Hervé Léger

Léger, who sold his eponymous firm back in 1999, harks back to the glory days of the supermodels and says that all today's girls look the same.  Well, the problem is that most of them look like girls and not women. Léger's clingy dresses look best on women with a bit of shape (like Kate Winslett) but despite the fashion industry claiming that it is no longer going to use emaciated women there were another crop of them at London Fashion Week this year. 

You only have to look at these pictures of Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen from the nineties compared with the others from this year's London Fashion Week to appreciate the difference between then and now.  Agent Triple P knows what he prefers.  He suspects that most other men prefer the same.  He would also suspect that most women would prefer to see clothes modelled by someone who at least looks like a healthy (albeit exceptional) woman than someone who actually looks quite ill.  So why do designers continue to use these models?

If designers' clothes really only look good on fifteen year old girls who look like sticks then maybe they should get another job, as most women look nothing like this.   Surely the clever designer is one who can make a normal shaped woman look good?

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