Miss Vietnam 2010: Nguyễn Ngọc Kiều Khanh

Nguyễn Ngọc Kiều Khanh

For some reason, unknown even to Triple P, we always feature beauty queens on this blog rather than on our Venus Observations site.  Perhaps it is because they tend to be more well dressed than those on our other sites!

Even Triple P can't take a bad photo of her!


Anyway, Agent Triple P has just returned from a delightful week in Vietnam where he ran into the completely luscious Nguyễn Ngọc Kiều Khanh who was Vietnam's entry for last year's Miss World competition.

Beach Beauty


She had already been Miss Vietnam Europe in 2009 (she was born in Munich in 1992 (!) and is still based there) and Miss Beach Beauty Vietnam in 2010.



Triple P has not met that many beauty queens although he does remember fondly another delightful Asian girl, a Miss Makati (business district of Manila) from a couple of years back.

Official Miss World competition shot

Kiều Khanh, as an offical Miss World contestant is the real deal, however, taking part in last year's competition in Sanya, China. 

Kiều Khanh seen with a glimpse of Triple P's Martini and, indeed, Triple P himself!

Triple P met her at lunch and then we went to a performance at the splendid opera house in Hanoi before rounding out the evening with drinks and dinner in an Italian restaurant. 

She was utterly charming and delightful all day, we have to say, and a great representative for her country (even if that may actually be Germany). 

Giving it some oomph in the Miss Vietnam 2010 competition


More importantly, after we emerged fom the opera, she helped us in crossing the street.  If you have never crossed a busy road in a Vietnamese city it is rather like that scene in The Empire Strikes Back where the Milennium Falcom has to go through the asteroid field. 

No-one actually stops for a pedestrian, even on a crossing.  You have to proceed steadily and hope the hundreds of scooters and, these days, cars, will steer around you.  Triple P took this picture of the opera house from the far side of the road.   After the performance he had to get back from the steps of the opera house to this point through the traffic!  Kiều Khanh firmly took Triple P's arm and guided him at a constant pace through about ten lanes of speeding traffic.  We certainly needed a Martini after that!

Kiều Khanh in her áo dài for the national dress part of Miss World 2010 in Sanya

There are some lovely girls in Vietnam although, since he was last in Hanoi around eight years ago, the habitual wearing by young women of the elegant national dress the áo dài has almost disappeared, except for hotel staff, shop assistants, stewardesses and the like.

Orange alert!


Agent DVD is also now, coincidentally, in Vietnam as well and we have absolutely not given him Miss Nguyễn's contact details!  We are mean!

Kiều Khanh is exceptionally tall for a Vietnamese at 5' 10", given that the national average for women is 5' 1".  A good deal of this extra height is in her legs!  She brought an equally lovely friend along to the opera who was a similar height.  One of Triple P's local contacts said he felt Vietnamese girls were definitely getting taller.

Vietnamese food is very light (compared with, say, Chinese) and features mainly steaming rather than frying but some are already concerned that the increasing consumption of Western food may lead to weight issues in the future.  Not an issue for Kiều Khanh as yet!

Looking her age in the shops!

The only slightly depressing thing was that, as Agent DVD delightedly pointed out, Triple P was more than two and a half times her age!  That's getting up to Hugh Hefner ratios!

The only slightly complex thing about the evening was explaining to S how we had gone to the opera alone and had returned to our agreed rendezvous in a bar with Misss Vietnam and her friend in tow (we hadn't seen her since lunch!).  Fortunately, S, who appreciates a well turned-out young oriental girl was equally as captivated!

Poetry.  In motion!

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