Calendar Girl February: Berenice Marlohe

Just time to get February's calendar girl in before the end of the month in the sultry shape of Skyfall Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe, who we featured on our Venus Observations blog a few months ago.

She hasn't had much time to do anything other than travel the world to promote Skyfall although she has been working on an as yet untitled film with Terence Malick but given the speed that he works it may be some time before we see it.

Berenice for Omega

She is also a brand ambassador for Omega watches, not surprisingly given their recent sponsorship of the Bond films (I'm sorry but Bond wears a Rolex and that's it) and has shot a number of slinky adverts for them.

She has an actual waist!

Whether she will stop posing around in lingerie now that she is a household name (well, maybe her name is just a little bit too complicated for that compared with, say, Eva Green) remains to be seen but no doubt she will still be a draw for women's magazines who come out with pictures such as this.


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Kelly Brook for Valentine's Day

New Look have just released pictures of Kelly Brook posing in their new Valentine's Day lingerie collection. This is just a few days after silicone-enhanced, warty-faced "glamour" model Katie "Jordan" Price called Brook a "heffer" (sic) on seeing pictures of her posing for a swimsuit collection in Miami, also for New Look.

Kelly Brook in Miami last week

It seems that Kelly has put on over ten pounds in weight since breaking up with her boyfriend, who kept her on a strict fitness regime.  She has gone from a size 8 to a size 10/12 (horrors!).  Kelly's weight has always see-sawed and, frankly, even carrying a bit more she still looks completely luscious; maybe even more so.

We think she looks fantastic in these taken, of course, before the recent weight gain although some of the news items about them seem to think they were taken the same week as they came out, which shows how much internet so-called journalists know about this sort of thing.

Kelly looks very different with a fringe and, dare we say, younger.  I suppose it is a wig as in the recent photographs she has her normal look.

Her skin tone is darker in these too, compared with the recent Florida ones but whether that is fake tan or Photoshop we couldn't say.

Anyway, she looks completely splendid!
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It's mooted not muted!

The Ents meet to have a discussion, not stand there in silence!

Agent Triple P had an email from someone in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office this week who used the word "muted" when what he meant to write was "mooted".  Frankly, he should have known better!  We see this error increasingly frequently and it drives us mad!  They aren't even pronounced in the same way!

For the record, "muted" means quietened or silenced and "mooted" means put forward for discussion.  It's from the early Scandinavian and Germanic words for a meeting or assembly (variously mote, møde, möte, mót etc.). Anyone who has read or seen The Lord of the Rings will be familiar with the Entmoot.

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Year of the Snake with Yu Wenxia

It's the Chinese New Year today and the start of the Year of the Snake so what better way to welcome it than with the current Miss World, Yu Wenxia, who was also, coincidentally born in the Year of the Snake in 1989.

What an appropriately sinuous young lady she is!  Splendid!
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Superbowl tonight


Well it's the Superbowl tonight and, as usual, Triple P will be staying up until the small hours of the morning  to watch it.  We admit to having a favourite this year as San Francisco are playing and not only were they the winners of the first Superbowl we watched on TV (Superbowl XIX in 1985) but we have seen them play live in both San Francisco and London.  One thing we like about San Francisco is how their uniforms have hardly changed since they were founded in 1946.  The iconic "SF" first appearing on gold helmets in 1962.  Very few other team uniforms have changed so little.


The Ravens, on the other hand, are a newish team; coming out of the move of the Cleveland Browns (who we have also seen play live) to Baltimore in 1996.  The name is in reference to the Edgar Allan Poe story, who lived in Baltimore.  

Both teams have cheerleaders, which certainly has not necessarily been the case of late in the Superbowl.  The 49ers are narrow favourites but the form book can often go out the window so it should be close.  This year we have high definition TV for the first time too!

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Calendar Girl January: Kelly Brook

FHM are taking a somewhat arty approach to their calendar page for January 2013 with this tastefully washed out photo of the divine Miss Brook.  Nothing more to add, really.
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