Donkey Sausage

Agent Triple P was walking through Leadenhall Market today and they have a market (surprisingly)on Friday. There was a Frenchman (naturally) selling donkey sausage (saucisse d’ âne). Didn't buy any as had it before in Spain and remember it as being horribly salty. Did buy some hare sausage though and tasted it first and that was nice. Also got some proper French cornichons which always remind me of Vicious Alien.

Unexpectedly warm day today given they were predicting rain. A lot of nice scenery out and about too.

Will have saucisse, cornichons and claret for dinner, je pense.
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Girl in a Ferrari

Walking home from the station today and we saw something that we have never seen before: a woman driving a Ferrari. A silver Ferrari F430 Spider at that. She was also reasonably young (mid-thirties) and a redhead.

A few years ago we read an article about Ferraris where they said that they sold about 50 cars a year in Britain and none to women. She didn't look like a footballers wife; she looked very, very cool.

We were impressed!
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Music: The Puppini Sisters

Agent Triple P is greatly enjoying Betcha Bottom Dollar by The Puppini Sisters at the moment.

Nineteen Forties Andrews Sisters style close harmony produced by the man responsible for the soundtrack to Bellevue Rendezvous, Benoit Charest, so maybe Agent DVD would like it. But then again maybe not: he does have peculiar taste in music.
Two of the girls are British and the third (who really is called Puppini) is Italian. They all met at Trinity School of Music

Our favourite tracks are their weird and wonderful takes on Wuthering Heights and I Will Survive and the lively Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano. We expect them to become a lot more famous in the next twelve months.

Visually we like Stephanie O'Brien who looks rather like a young (she is only 22) Kate Beckinsale.
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Carla Campbell

Now, it is well known that Agent Triple P is not a bust man, but even he was impressed by Carla Campbell, the young lady on my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit daily calendar for this weekend.

One (two) for Agent DVD, perhaps?
Agent Triple P is sure that she has a very interesting personality.
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Girl in the News: Konnie Huq

So, Konnie Huq, the two best reasons to watch Blue Peter over the last ten years, is leaving. Amazingly, she will be the third most long-serving presenter after John Noakes and Peter Purves. It was always worth tuning in to see Konnie leaning over a bit of sticky-backed plastic in a low cut top (although she was engagingly useless at the craft elements).

Latterly, she has been presenting the Top 40 show on CBBC and has had the opportunity to dress in a more adult way; her interpretation of which seems to be to not wear a bra much, as she did again, entertainingly, at the recent Spiderman 3 premiere, pictured top. Hopefully, now she won't be working for Blue Peter, she will be free to pose for FHM or some such.

She always looked good in a white cotton vest, which is one of Agent Triple P's favourite articles (maybe top favourite) of clothing for a girl.

Maybe Agent Triple P likes her so much as she literally ran into him in Boots at Terminal 1 once. She is a tiny little thing but it was a very enjoyable impact.

Agent Triple P used to have a friend who used Konnie's name as code rhyming slang. I would get a call when we were in the same city and be asked, "do you fancy a Konnie?"

Blue Peter won't be the same..
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HMS was very dubious about me mentioning the Eurovision Song Contest on these pages. He thought it would "lower the tone", which seems rather difficult. Anyway, we shall ignore him because:

A: I mustn't be influenced by other people's comments and,

B: my interest in the ESC has nothing to do with the ghastly so-called music competition and everything to do with seeing splendid European women prancing about in tiny outfits on prime time television. From that point of view this year's competition was something of a disappointment.

However, we liked the slutty Russian girls. My late lamented friend R would have been able to price each one to within $10 on the St Petersburg market. My estimate would have been about $150 for two hours. That's each of course. As a set you can probably add 50% to that.

We also liked Karolina Goceva from Macedonia, but then we have always had a soft spot for Balkan women.

But the Triple P favourite this year must be the splendid Moldovan, Natalia Barbu. I've no idea where Moldova is but maybe I need to go there. I wonder what their infrastructure is like..?

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French Girls..

Agent Triple P had an enjoyable lunch with HMS today in our usual venue. As he pointed out, the management had dispensed with the usual punk-band rejects waiting staff and replaced them with a far friendlier and easy on the eye group.

Our waitress, Valérie, from Paris (yes, really, not some Pole with a French accent) was a quite wonderful example of French femininity. She had dark eyes and black hair and an extremely pert posterior. She was one of those girls, who whilst pretty, transforms into someone extremely attractive by a combination of manner, smile and the ability to add an extra syllable to Livarot in the most engaging French accent since, since.. Well, the most engaging French accent ever! I could have listened to her reciting "today's specials" for hours. Agent Triple P may well be relocating some of his business lunches in the next few weeks.

HMS (who has embarked on one of his artistic phases) was wondering how she would photograph. Hopefully like these other lovely French women.

Perhaps I will take up that offer of lunch in Paris after all.

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Girls in the News: hit me with your rhythm stick

Well, a teacher is in trouble for having a fling with a 15 year old student at his school. The girl, who is described as a "talented percussionist", performed "various sex acts" on the teacher during music lessons. He insisted she keep playing the xylophone during these "acts" so no-one would be suspicious.

She must be a very talented percussionist indeed and I'm sure she could get a job doing shows in a Bangkok club if she ever needs an extra source of income.
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Music: In Like Flint/Our Man Flint

Agent Triple P rarely buys a cd these days as he prefers to download from iTunes. But if you want something unfashionable then iTunes is pretty useless.

So today we were very pleased by the arrival of the double soundtrack cd for In Like Flint and Our Man Flint. These two 1966 and 1967 James Bond spoofs starred James Coburn and although very dated and engagingly sexist the music by Oscar winning composer Jerry Goldsmith are perfect for my sixties soundtracks playlist on my iPod. Incidentally, I was talking to a girl today (the lovely A who I totally failed to seduce on a trip to Zurich once- which was a shame as she had the best legs of any girl I have ever met) and she asked me what my iPod was called. Hers was called Nietzsche as she bought it on the way to see Superman. Good grief! Mine doesn't have a name other than The Pod. Girls.
The one thing the Flint films had going for them were a lot more pretty girls than the Bond ones. Dozens of them on screen at a time sometimes. This is Gila Golan. The score itself is one of those prototypical sixties ones where you would recognise the music even if you didn't know the film.
Other sixties favourites in this playlist include:

John Barry's The Ipcress File. Probably a bit more serious than the other ones but, like Our Man Flint it basically takes a good tune and replays it in a number of different arrangements. This was an early Barry score when he was more jazz than big orchestral.

Next we have The Italian Job by Quincy Jones. How a black American composer could produce such a Swinging London sountrack is a mystery and it is an odd mixture of loveable cockney harmonica nonsense and more lyrical Burt Bacharach style stuff (complete with Matt Monroe). Very sixties though.

Talking of Bacharach we have his wonderful score for the original Casino Royale, one of those cases where the soundtrack is much better than the film. The Look of Love, with Dusty Springfield on vocals and Herb Alpert on trumpet is still stunning. Lots of sixties wackiness as well, though.

Finally, we have my favourite. Henry Mancini's Pink Panther. The title track is of course the most famous but Agent Triple P prefers some of the cocktail tracks like Champagne and Quail and Royal Blue much more. If you can't get a girlie with these playing in the background and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot on ice you might as well give up.

So what sixties favourites are missing? The Bond ones I keep seperately but the score I would really like but which, sadly, has never been released, is Neal Hefti's How to Murder your Wife. Just about as sixties as you can get. But then he did write the theme tune to the TV series Batman.
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So goodbye cassettes..

Well, not really but Currys is joining HMV and Woolworths in not stocking blank tapes any more. I got my first cassette player in 1971. It was a Phillips battery operated machine with a microphone that was attached to the side. I spent a very happy Christmas taping tunes off my record player and bits of televison films. The first pre-recorded cassettes I got were the soundtrack to 2001: a Space Odyssey and the Bernard Haitink Holst's The Planets. Amazingly, I still have both tapes.

The tapes only really came into their own when I got a radio cassette player for university. A big black Panasonic machine (I still have that as well!) it cost £199 in 1979! That is about £800 in today's money. I had most of my early sexual experiences to the sounds of that machine. I spent hours taping my records onto cassettes during the holidays.

Then, of course, I got my first Walkman in 1982 (actually, I think it was a Boots one. It was blue and cost £9.99) and started the long slow process of happily destroying my hearing, now continued by my beloved iPod. I got through a Walkman roughly every six months. They were not well made.

So, its goodbye cassettes and the fun of trying to salvage a favourite that had got eaten by my Walkman by opening up the cassette (I always bought ones which were screwed together not glued) and trying to untwist the tape which then always wanted to go back into a corkscrew shape when you let go..

When I re-install my hi-fi, when my new shelves arrive shortly, I probably won't even bother with the cassette recorder.

Another era ends..
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Denmark: Salt Restaurant, Admiral Hotel, Copenhagen

Agent Triple P hasn’t stayed in Copenhagen for some time so was glad to be back in one of his favourite European cities recently.

The hotel only has one restaurant and one of their greatest tricks is to transform a rather sterile, canteen like interior, used for breakfast, into a pleasant, nicely lit evening venue. The wooden beams left from its incarnation as an eighteenth century warehouse help the interior. But the effect is mainly done by covering the basic tables with cloths and clever lighting, something the Scandinavians are very good at.

When Agent Triple P and his companion sat down they were given an enormous platter of dark and light bread, olives, vegetable chips and cashew nuts whilst they perused the menu. There was so much that, arguably, you didn’t actually need to order anything else.

The restaurant perhaps tries too hard in its choice of dishes. Supposedly Mediterranean it is one of those places that flings together different ingredients in the hope they will work together. Our starters exemplify this perfectly: I had Salt cured Baltic Salmon with Avocado, Swede and Soy Sauce. The Swede and avocado were combined into a mousse and laid out in three strips on the plate. The salmon was placed on top with a pepper crust and served with a hot frothing soy sauce. It was better than it sounded. My companion had baked beetroot with blue cheese, chocolate sauce and quails eggs.

For a main course I had a perfectly cooked (i.e. hardly cooked at all) Jersey rib with white beetroot and a pepper salsa. My guest had fried Zander with chorizo, squid and confit of leek.

The wine list was quite good without being overpowering. There were half a dozen wines from each of the main areas of the world and we chose a Beringer Fumé Blanc.

All in all not a bad meal for a business hotel and the service was excellent. Some of the dishes were a bit peculiar and it would be tough if you didn’t like beetroot as it seemed to appear in every dish.

The only problem with food in the hotel is that they don’t serve anything after 10.00pm. Not in the restaurant and not even in the bar (not even nuts). There is room service but that’s it.

Atmosphere 6/10
Wine list 6/10
Food 6/10
Service 7/10
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Denmark: Cecilie Thomsen

Having a bit of a Danish phase at present as I organise my trip there next month, which is a follow up to the trip I did in earlier in the year.

We have already featured Helena Christensen but here is another splendid Danish model, Cecilie Thomsen, largely famous for a fleeting but memorable role in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

A typical, strapping (5'10") Danish woman. Agent Triple P's experience of Danish women is confined to the lovely M from the Danish treasury but she fitted this mould as well, although her spiky Burgundy coloured hair was slighly disturbing. In fact using bad red hair dye seems to be a Danish Fashion.
Copenhagen is full of people cycling in a particularly furious way at tremendous speed and Danish women seem to have very toned legs as a result. M's felt like steel hawsers wrapped in silk. Scary!

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Denmark: Stripping Danish Schoolgirls

No, it's not a dodgy seventies porno DVD. A group of Danish schoolgirls are in trouble for stripping naked and engaging in "lesbian" kisses during their annual strip tease competition (or rather in trouble for getting caught on film). Only in Denmark would you have schoolgirls (and boys) doing a striptease for teachers to win better seats at the canteen. They are only supposed to strip to their underwear and not go all the way, as they did this year. The school has no plans to abolish the competition. Quite right! It should be introduced more generally!

Denmark, what a very civilised country! Agent Triple P is very much looking forward to his trip to Copenhagen next month!
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Miss May: Oluchi Oonweagba

Well, I have never heard of this fantastically named model but she is Miss May on my calendar in the above pose. Her first name means God's Work. Good work God! She is Nigerian and is now 27.She doesn't seem to pose with nothing on but like so many women who wear thin material and no bra she gets caught out by camera flashes. You'd thing this is one of the first things they would learn at babe school (like how to get out of a car without showing your knickers (or lack of them in Britney and Lindsay's case). Maybe it is, and they all know exactly what they are doing.

Agent Triple P's experience of "women of colour", as the Americans call them, is limited to a nightclub singer in Singapore several years ago who's name, sadly, I cannot remember. Lovely arse though. She was more coffee coloured than this and had a long tattoo of a snake down her back. .
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Middle Earth Redhead: Blast from the Past

Whilst trying to find something about a project in New Zealand I came across this picture of someone I had "interacted" with at University. She had a very fetching line in leopard print miniskirts at a time when all the other women were wearing Laura Ashley frocks.

She must be a year older than me so she must: be wearing very well due to good genetics and/or diet (when I knew her she was on the Scarsdale diet and quite grumpy as a result), be the subject of some digital enhancement (surely not) or have found the One Ring and gained everlasting youthfulness.
Whatever, good bone structure stands you in very good stead!
Oh, and "feisty" is spot on!
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