Feeling hot, hot, hot...

We were in a taxi today travelling from the office to Westminster and the cab thermometer claimed it was 33 degrees outside. Phew. It's actually so hot in London that it's almost distracting us from the barely dressed girls on the Tube. Almost. We are particularly enjoying the up the skirt show on the tube escalators.

On an internet forum Triple P frequents some American was saying how he couldn't believe that we had built a metro system with no air conditioning. Doh! (as a typical American cultural icon is wont to say). That's because our metro was built in 1863 whilst you were still trying to violently abolish slavery. Most of the current system was finished by 1906, rather before the invention of air conditioning. Never mind Mayor Boris promises we'll have it on some lines next year. So there goes next summer's good weather...
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King of Poop

Agent Triple P can't understand all this ghastly Michael Jackson worship at present. Page after page in the newspapers and hour after hour on TV about someone who, far from being a "musical genius" seemed to us to be a rather minor performer. ironically all of the press that spent twenty years making him out to be a paedophile weirdo are now all acclaiming him as a musical genius. Sorry, he wasn't. Bach was a musical genius. Oscar Peterson was a musical genius. Lennon and McCartney, Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein, Bob Dylan (even though we don't like him). But in the music world anyone who has more than three hits now is a musical genius.
We aren't even interested in whether he did dubious things to children in his house or that he had some very strange habits as there are no doubt far worse things going on in Hollywood at present

He seemed to be a well regarded dancer (not much of an achievement in itself, for a man), a weak singer and not much of a songwriter. Agent Triple P only recognises six song titles from the seven albums he recorded as a solo singer and many were written by others. He had some good creative people around him; not least Quincey Jones (who deserves the most credit for his "sound" and is certainly more of a "genius" than Jackson) and Rod Temperton (who wrote many of his better songs).

He seemed to be popular with black musicians for breaking down barriers for black performers (ironically, given he spent most of his life turning himself white -the skin disease story is utter nonsense). By this I think that they mean his music was played on white radio stations. American radio stations were horribly self-segregated in a way that just didn't happen in the UK. It would take a peculiar sort of women to find Jackson attractive at any stage (maybe he won the safe in taxis vote), so what his appeal was to them also passes us by. Finally, any man who liked Jackson must have been also quite strange. We don't like heavy metal but we can see why some do, we don't like rap but can see its appeal to some (non-musical) people, we don't like chamber music etc. etc. We cannot see the appeal of Michael Jackson whtsoever. Baffling!

Needless to say we have 7524 tracks on our iPod and none by Michael Jackson.
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Tube Strike

We had to attend an event in a Park Lane hotel this morning and had an enjoyable walk from Waterloo, given the chaos caused by the unreasonable, greedy, Marxist, traitorous head of the RMT. There were many fit girlies around running to work or on bikes and it made us realise what a more pleasant city it would be with better provision for pedestrians and cycles. Walking in a different part of London is always intriguing. We had no idea that they had pelicans in St James Park!

Agent DVD had suggested that Triple P should have a nice breakfast as we were running early. We were just approaching the hotel when who should we run into but our old (well, 28 or so) contact Y, a delightful Oriental lady of extraordinary grace, charm and beauty. As she was heading for the same event and we had 45 minutes to spare we both had a splendid English breakfast: two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes! Y thought we should have breakfast more often. There's a thought.
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Calendar Girl June: Quiana Grant

Unlike previous calendar girls this year I have not come across (now there's a thought) Miss Grant before. She is 5'10" and a rather streamlined 33-24-33. In 2008 she was one of a record breaking seven girls who appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for the first time.

Although only 27 she has been modelling for ten years and is very much an editorial and runway model rather than a lingerie/swimsuit specialist.

She is from Newport News, Virginia but now lives in New York. In truth, she is perhaps a little too streamlined for Agent Triple P's taste but she is a lovely colour and certainly enhances any beach she desports herself upon.

Pat, pat!

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Most searched item: May

Margaret: twice as popular

Margaret Nolan completely dominates this month with more than twice the searches of the number two item.

The top 15 is as follows (last month's position in brackets):

1 (1) Margaret Nolan. Busty English sixties model
2 (2) Ayshea Brough. UFO babe and pop princess.
3 (4) Linda Lusardi. National treasure Page 3 girl with a naughty past.
4 (15) Jade Ewen. Eurovision nearly was.
5 (7) Agent Triple P. Its us!
6 (9) Gabrielle Drake. Another UFO babe.
7 (3) Irena Shayk. Russian swimsuit model.
8 (5) Brande Roderick. Grape treading playmate
9 (-) Emma Blocksage. The body of Ann Summers.
10 (11) Norman Bel Geddes. Visionary thirties designer.
11 (13) Brigitte Barclay. English penthouse Pet. 38D-24-32. Why is she so popular?
12 (-) Patricia Velasquez. Venezuelan model/actress/campaigner
13 (12) Kayleigh Pearson. English model with plastic breasts.
14 (6) Sophie Howard. English model with real breasts.
15 (-) Cindy Morgan

Jade: jumps eleven places

Highest climber is Eurovision babe Jade Ewen who caused the biggest spike in the blog's ratings: 1,100 visitors on the day after Eurovision. Highest new entry is Emma Blocksage.

Emma, racing in to 9th place

Top 10 non-girlie searches:

1 (1) Agent Triple P
2 (2) Norman Bel Geddes
3 (4) Fontainebleau Hotel
4 (4) How to Murder your Wife Soundtrack
5 (10) Venus Kallipygos
6 (7) Indian Moon Rocket
7 (-) Eurovision Logo
8 (-) Sanger-Bredt antipodal bomber
9 (5) Hotel Babylon location
10 (-) European Space Agency
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Space Tourist Charles Simonyi


Recently returned from the International Space Station is software billionaire Charles Simonyi (or Simonyi Károly, to give him his correct name: born Budapest September 10, 1948). He is the only person rich enough and mad enough to pay for two space tourist flights. Simonyi (60)made his money at Microsoft where he was responsible for the development of Word and Excel before leaving to set up his own company.

Looks like a destroyer not a yacht

When he is not floating about in space he spends much of his time on his brutal-looking superyacht Skat, the 64th biggest (233') yacht in the world.

Not breeding material..

He went out with TV chef turned entrepreneur Martha Stewart (67) for 14 years but then uncermoniously dumped her for a 28 year old busty Swedish girl, Lisa Persdotter, who he married last year. What is it older men see in Swedish girls?

..very much better breeding material

We like your style Mr Simonyi!
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