Tube Strike

We had to attend an event in a Park Lane hotel this morning and had an enjoyable walk from Waterloo, given the chaos caused by the unreasonable, greedy, Marxist, traitorous head of the RMT. There were many fit girlies around running to work or on bikes and it made us realise what a more pleasant city it would be with better provision for pedestrians and cycles. Walking in a different part of London is always intriguing. We had no idea that they had pelicans in St James Park!

Agent DVD had suggested that Triple P should have a nice breakfast as we were running early. We were just approaching the hotel when who should we run into but our old (well, 28 or so) contact Y, a delightful Oriental lady of extraordinary grace, charm and beauty. As she was heading for the same event and we had 45 minutes to spare we both had a splendid English breakfast: two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes! Y thought we should have breakfast more often. There's a thought.
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