HMS was very dubious about me mentioning the Eurovision Song Contest on these pages. He thought it would "lower the tone", which seems rather difficult. Anyway, we shall ignore him because:

A: I mustn't be influenced by other people's comments and,

B: my interest in the ESC has nothing to do with the ghastly so-called music competition and everything to do with seeing splendid European women prancing about in tiny outfits on prime time television. From that point of view this year's competition was something of a disappointment.

However, we liked the slutty Russian girls. My late lamented friend R would have been able to price each one to within $10 on the St Petersburg market. My estimate would have been about $150 for two hours. That's each of course. As a set you can probably add 50% to that.

We also liked Karolina Goceva from Macedonia, but then we have always had a soft spot for Balkan women.

But the Triple P favourite this year must be the splendid Moldovan, Natalia Barbu. I've no idea where Moldova is but maybe I need to go there. I wonder what their infrastructure is like..?

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