French Girls..

Agent Triple P had an enjoyable lunch with HMS today in our usual venue. As he pointed out, the management had dispensed with the usual punk-band rejects waiting staff and replaced them with a far friendlier and easy on the eye group.

Our waitress, Valérie, from Paris (yes, really, not some Pole with a French accent) was a quite wonderful example of French femininity. She had dark eyes and black hair and an extremely pert posterior. She was one of those girls, who whilst pretty, transforms into someone extremely attractive by a combination of manner, smile and the ability to add an extra syllable to Livarot in the most engaging French accent since, since.. Well, the most engaging French accent ever! I could have listened to her reciting "today's specials" for hours. Agent Triple P may well be relocating some of his business lunches in the next few weeks.

HMS (who has embarked on one of his artistic phases) was wondering how she would photograph. Hopefully like these other lovely French women.

Perhaps I will take up that offer of lunch in Paris after all.

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