Girl in the News: Konnie Huq

So, Konnie Huq, the two best reasons to watch Blue Peter over the last ten years, is leaving. Amazingly, she will be the third most long-serving presenter after John Noakes and Peter Purves. It was always worth tuning in to see Konnie leaning over a bit of sticky-backed plastic in a low cut top (although she was engagingly useless at the craft elements).

Latterly, she has been presenting the Top 40 show on CBBC and has had the opportunity to dress in a more adult way; her interpretation of which seems to be to not wear a bra much, as she did again, entertainingly, at the recent Spiderman 3 premiere, pictured top. Hopefully, now she won't be working for Blue Peter, she will be free to pose for FHM or some such.

She always looked good in a white cotton vest, which is one of Agent Triple P's favourite articles (maybe top favourite) of clothing for a girl.

Maybe Agent Triple P likes her so much as she literally ran into him in Boots at Terminal 1 once. She is a tiny little thing but it was a very enjoyable impact.

Agent Triple P used to have a friend who used Konnie's name as code rhyming slang. I would get a call when we were in the same city and be asked, "do you fancy a Konnie?"

Blue Peter won't be the same..
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