Calendar Girl December 2011: Michelle Keegan

We have just managed to squeeze in our last calendar girl of 2011 before the end of the month.  Miss Michelle Keegan is someone else we have never heard of until we wrote this post.

Twenty-four year old Miss Keegan is best known for being an actress in Manchester-set Northern TV soap opera, Coronation Street.  Manchester-born herself and having worked in a department store and as an airline check-in girl she got the part in the soap on only her second ever audition in 2007.

Coronation Street is the longest running TV soap in the world; having been first broadcast in December 1960.  Triple P's mother used to watch it back in the sixties and seventies when all the women in it (and Manchester, presumably) looked like this (above).

It has changed somewhat if they are now featuring actresses like Miss Keegan.  British TV, however, has changed a lot in the last fifteen years; with actresses easily as attractive as those on US TV being the norm.  Before this it was certainly the case that the actresses in our TV shows were much more ordinary (i.e. normal) looking compared with those in US TV shows.

Nothing very ordinary about Miss Keegan who says she owes her exotic Mediterranean looks to a Gibraltarian grandmother.  Gibraltar, for our overseas readers, is a tiny British territory attached to southern Spain, much to the annoyance of the Spanish who want it back.  The British and Dutch captured the strategically located port in 1704, during the War of the Spanish Succession, and it was ceded to the UK in perpetuity under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.  This hasn't stopped the Spaniards trying to get it back ever since, despite the legality of the treaty.

Equally controversial as the Gibraltar question has been the nature of Miss Keegan's bust. She insists that her 30FFF assets are entirely natural, despite her very skinny frame.

She is only 5'4" tall, however, so it is within the bounds of possibility, we suppose, as shorter women are more likely to possess a naturally curvy figure than tall ones.

So, goodbye to our last calendar girl of 2011.  It will soon be time to get January 2012's up, although we are contemplating moving our calandar girls across to our other blog, Venus Observations, as they are a bit of a relic from when we only had the one blog.   However, the calendar girls are somewhat overdressed for the latter blog.  Hmm.  We have five days to decide!
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