X Factor Dancers

X factor dancers appear to flash their busts at last year's competitor Wagner in one of their controversial performances in 2010

As we have observed before the only reason to watch the X Factor is some of the lady backing dancers.  Since last year's furore as regards "inappropriate" routines during performances by Christina Aguilera and Rhianna the producers have ensured that this season's dancers costumes are less revealing, unfortunately.  However, the ladies themselves are often so fine that despite having to look somewhat more dowdy they still brighten up a winter's evening.

Still, we had some very nice shorts in last week's programme and it is interesting to observe the Crazy Horse technique of different height heels to ensure that posteriors are lined up at a nice regular level.

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Its not often that a backing dancer breaks free from the background but this was the case for one of the 2009 crop of X Factor dancers, the lovely Sianad Gregory, who we first noted as she pranced around a  lucky Olly Murs, in her little witches outfit, during the Halloween themed show.

Miss Gregory in all her glory

Not surprisingly Mr Murs was very taken with Miss Gregory and was desperate to obtain her phone number after the show.  Whether he did or not we do not know!

Siniad (right) with Margarita Hall in Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Miss Gregory is not only a dancer but an actress, appearing in a supporting role in 2009's amazingly unfunny Hammer horror spoof (a loose remake of the Karnstein films) Lesbian Vampire Killers which, with a title like that, should have been a lot better than it was.

She also appeared in the recent dance film Street Dance 3D (2010) where she looked enticing in legwarmers.

5'6" tall Sianad is from Wales and has appeared in Welsh language TV programmes as well as having had parts in medical dramas Holby City and Casualty for the BBC.

With her long legs, gamine face and cute tummy we hope the twenty-three year old goes far! Forget the terrible singers, let's just have more dancers like Miss Gregory hitting the limelight and  then the show will at least have done something worthwhile.

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