Classic FM: Too many carols!

Agent Triple P does not like Christmas or, rather, he does not like the ever extending Christmas season.  Christmas should be confined to three days at most.  Contributing annoyingly to the ever more bloated Christmas is Classic FM at the moment.  It has been rather better of late with some music that we haven't heard before but recently it has been overcome with treacly dollops of Christmas fa la la la la nonsense.  Every other track seems to be some choir performing arrangements of Christmas carols.  Triple P listens to Classic FM because he likes classical music and hopes that, occasionally, he will discover a worthwhile piece of music he hasn't heard before. Indeed, only last week we heard, for the first time, Dvorak's tremendously symphonic "American" string quartet, written shortly after the New World symphony when he was on holiday in Iowa.  We don't listen to the station for third rate (and most carols are musically third rate) Christmas slush sung by the amateur choir of some ghastly northern town.   

The best piece of Christmas music that Triple P knows is Rimsky-Korsakov's Christmas Eve but Classic FM wouldn't play that as it lasts half an hour.  So instead we have yet another arrangement by a minor British contemporary composer of Ding dong merrily on high or, as S calls it, for some reason, We who Wiggy wig below.  Ding dong is my least favourite Christmas carol; it just conjures up images of pompous looking people making silly, over-theatrical faces when they sing (something that many people in amateur choirs are very prone to do).

Oh well, at least it's better than Andy fucking Williams' (as he is known to S and triple P) It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Bah, humbug!
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