Ola Jordan to be Axed from Strictly Come Dancing?

Bad news at the weekend in that it seems that Polish poppet Ola Jordan is likely to be the victim of a BBC Strictly Come Dancing shake-up.

The BBC regularly dump popular dancers on the show, especially when they get older, but it seems poor Ola is a target because of grumpy husband James' arguments with the Strictly team backstage (particularly the eminence gris of the show Craig Revell Horwood).

They should dump him (he always comes across as a slightly nasty piece of work) and keep her but I suppose she wouldn't agree to that.

Ola is one (two?) of the main reasons to watch the show for Agent Triple P and it just won't be the same without her annual catsuit outing. Oh well, we will have to make do with Aliona and Katya to provide glittery sex appeal next year.

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