Miss May: Oluchi Oonweagba

Well, I have never heard of this fantastically named model but she is Miss May on my calendar in the above pose. Her first name means God's Work. Good work God! She is Nigerian and is now 27.She doesn't seem to pose with nothing on but like so many women who wear thin material and no bra she gets caught out by camera flashes. You'd thing this is one of the first things they would learn at babe school (like how to get out of a car without showing your knickers (or lack of them in Britney and Lindsay's case). Maybe it is, and they all know exactly what they are doing.

Agent Triple P's experience of "women of colour", as the Americans call them, is limited to a nightclub singer in Singapore several years ago who's name, sadly, I cannot remember. Lovely arse though. She was more coffee coloured than this and had a long tattoo of a snake down her back. .
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