Big Breakfast of the Week 8: Giraffe

Giraffe is a large cafe/restaurant built underneath the Festival Hall on the South Bank of the Thames in London.  Only a few minutes from Waterloo Station, Triple P sometimes stops there if he is early for a meeting over the river.  Indeed, sometimes we have meetings there as it is convenient for anyone coming into Waterloo.

Absolutely packed in the evenings (especially in the summer when you can sit outside) at breakfast time it is nice and quiet.

Triple P has the full brunch plate for a not too unreasonable £7.75.  Tea is 1.95 a cup and whilst it is annoying not having a pot we have never found any problem getting  another cup delivered quickly as service is very good in the morning due to the lack of customers.

Originally set up in Hampstead in 1998 Giraffe is still largely owned by the individuals who founded it and now has forty branches in the UK with another five at UK airports.  Triple P has never been there for any other meal than breakfast so has no idea what the rest of their food is like.

The breakfast is very good, however.   A good Cumberland sausage, thick lean bacon, crisp fried potatoes (particularly good), proper Heinz baked beans and two eggs which you can have fried or scrambled.  The toast is very good too. 

Definitely one of the better breakfasts we have regularly, so it gets 7/10.
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