Calendar Girl April: 2011 Olivia Munn

Olivia's calendar picture

This month's calendar girl is another young lady that Triple P hadn't heard of before, one Olivia Munn.

Miss Munn was born in Oklahoma and is thirty years old (it is always gratifying when a 30 year old makes a calendar!).

Her mother is of Chinese descent which explains her slightly exotic look.  In some pictures she looks quite Asian and in others more European.  A neat trick!  She was brought up in Tokyo where her stepfather was in the US Air Force. 

She went to the University of Oklahoma and studied journalism, Japanese and drama.

She had a brief time as a reporter on the Fox sports network before being cast in her first (straight to video) film, Scarecrow Gone Wild (where she played "girl no 1") in 2004.  Since then she has appeared in seven more films.

Her main impact has been on TV, however, firstly in two seasons of surfing drama Beyond the Break (she is a keen surfer) but then she joined video gameshow Attack of the Show and thereby became a geek heartthrob. 

She compounded her position as a geek princess by dressing up in a Princess Leia slave-girl costume; guaranteed to make geeks happy. Also getting filmed kissing another woman (in a lame parody of The Bionic Woman called The Lesbionic Woman) on your video game show is never going to do you any harm with your geek fanbase, either.

She continues to mix presenting with acting, presenting and modelling.

She appeared on the cover of the July/August 2009 Playboy and modelled for some not very risque pictures for them. 

Amazingly, she has already written a book featuring an odd mixture of autobiographical stories about herself and sex tips and is now planning her own magazine.

There seem to be mixed views about Miss Munn.  Some feel that she is beyond criticism and, as a girl who is seen at comic conventions and making video game shows, is a geek dream come true.  Others thinks she is a self centred, manic self-publicist who has exploited the geek thing to mercilessly carve out a career niche (there are some stingingly vicious reviews of her book on Amazon).

Triple P, couldn't possible comment!  All he would say is that whilst she is very pretty she doesn't quite have the body for swimsuit shots.  This doesn't seem to stop her though, so good for her!  Work it for all it's worth, Olivia!
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