Special K girl Merissa Porter

Special K, the girls low-calorie breakfast cereal, that looks and tastes just like cattle feed, are running one of their post Christmas blowout campaigns at present.  Daring women to wear red (for some unfathomable reason that obviously makes sense to advertising people) their TV, internet and print ads feature the really rather delectable model, Merissa Porter.

27 year old Merissa hails from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, although more recently she has been living in Surbiton just a few stations up the mainline from where triple P lives.

Other than the lovely Merissa, Biggleswade is famous for being the birthplace of music hall producer and performer Charles Penrose (1873-1952), whose really rather sinister 1922 song The Laughing Policeman used to give Triple P nightmares when he was little.

Talking of music, guitar playing Merissa was in a singing group a few years ago called Mr Skillz and the Crazy Girls (above, second from right) but they only seem to have only released one single, in 2007.

Oddly, given the low calorie nature of Special K, Biggleswade is also the home to decidedly high calorie breakfast cereal Jordans Original Crunchy.  Originally bringing the alien concept of granola to the UK in the early seventies, Jordans sells itself on a healthy image despite many of its cereals, such as Jordans Original Crunchy, containing bucketloads of sugar (28% for raisins and almonds version) and saturated fat.

It's also ironic that a girl whose first job at the age of sixteen was in Pizza Town in Biggleswade is fronting a campaign aimed at slimmers.

Merissa's own 34-24-34 figure looks like it needs very little help from Special K!

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