No more Beaver in Canada

The most censored animal on the internet

Sadly, Canada's history magazine The Beaver, now in its ninetieth year, is having to change its name to the rather more prosaic, if more informative, Canada's History. Apparently, company internet systems and spam filters were blocking the name which was damaging on-line sales.

The magazine was started in 1920 as the in-house magazine of the Hudson's Bay Company which was celebrating its 250th anniversary that year. In 1994 the HBC set up a history foundation and donated all its archives to the Provincial Archives of Manitoba. As a result Canada's National History Society was established and acquired the Winnipeg based The Beaver at the same time.

Agent Triple P has read The Beaver occasionally and thinks that it is an excellent magazine. His particular friend S has had a subscription for many years but she has always been most amused by the title. Canadians, despite the widespread use of beaver in its traditional manner (Agent Triple P has been to the Beaver Club and eaten in the Beaver Hall restaurant), are not unaware of the double entendre of course. A trendy arts magazine in Toronto is called, for example, Moist Beaver Magazine!

Perhaps this now frees up the name for a more salacious use. We think that The Beaver would be an excellent name for a magazine aimed at, perhaps, the gentleman who prefers his young ladies more hirsute down below than is the current fashion. Ideally, it would only feature Canadian young ladies, of course, of whom Triple P is (some would say, inordinately) fond. Currently the only magazine nearly inhabiting this space is Hustler's Beaver Hunt, a title that sounds rather aggressive, we feel.

The reverse of the Oregon State flag

The word "beaver" of course is probably derived from the Aryan bhebhrú-s itself derived from bhru, meaning brown. In the nineteenth century "a beaver" meant someone with a full beard. It can also mean someone from Oregon, where it is the State symbol.

Blonde beavers from MIT

In 1898 the Massachussets Institute of Technology was looking for an animal totem to represent the institution. They settled on the beaver due to its engineering, mechanical skills, and industry. How they may now wish that they had gone for their original choice of the kangaroo. Nevertheless, even today, the women's track and field team there has a chant that begins as follows:

I'm a beaver. You're a beaver.
We are beavers all.
And when we get together, we do the beaver call!

I'm sure they are!

The relatively recent use of the word "beaver" (certainly only several decades), which originated in the US, to describe the female genital area must cause Canada more probelm on the internet than anyone else, of course.

Margaret Trudeau flashes her Canadian...

Finally, we have been longing to use this picture which the aforesaid S sent me a few months ago. It is Margaret Trudeau, then the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister, photographed signing autographs in New York's Studio 54 nightclub in the 1970s. Widely believed to be the first celebrity up the skirt flash it is of course hugely appropriate to this post...
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