Britain from space yesterday

The freezing weather continues as this picture from the University of Dundee shows! Agent Triple P cannot remember such a long period of consistently cold weather in the South of England. We cannot remember the last time it was more than six degrees centigrade: it must be four weeks now. On average in December it was two degrees colder than the 3o year average and the first half of December was unusually mild!

Fortunately Triple P is equipped with his rubber Canadian overshoes; bought for him by the lovely S (who has sensibly gone to Hawaii, having experienced the minus 46 they had in Edmonton a week or so ago) in Montreal 15 years ago. Not only do they keep your feet dry but they have extra grippy soles. We haven't seen them on sale over here, though. Perhaps we really are going to have to come to terms with the fact that whether caused by greenhouse gases or whether part of a natural cycle, we are getting colder and snowier winters and we need to equip ourselves for it.

Agent Triple P is a cautious driver and when it is icy he prefers to err even more on the side of caution. He gets very anoyed by idiots who come right up behind and sound their horns because he is doing 25 in a 30mph zone. Only two days ago we were nearly hit by a car coming out of the Chelsea footballers favourite petrol station. It had braked coming out of the forecourt approaching the main road but just kept sliding. If we had been going quickly we would not have been able to stop in time. Watch out! You don't know what obsatcles you will find on the roads in the snow!

Bad weather safety tip for women: note how the pink bikini stands out in bad weather

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