Most searched item December

Her name is Jordan. Ola Jordan.

The final scores for December's searches are in. We are going to move to a top twenty as we do on our Venus Observations site.

1 (3) Margaret Nolan. A strong comeback against interloper Kelly Brook.
2 (1) Kelly Brook. Miss Brook stays in the top three.
3 (2) Sophie Howard. Likewise keeps her podium place.
4 (7) Brande Roderick. She's been climbing steadily for months.
5 (15) Ola Jordan. Big jump for cute Polish dancer.
6 (13) Emily Blunt. Likewise for cute British actress.
7 (4) Linda Lusardi. Still up there.
8 (5) Gabrielle Drake. Another strong showing for UFO babe.
9 (6) Cheryl Cole. Second consecutive slip. Rather like her latest single.
10 (-) Tori Praver. Most popular Sports Illustrated girl.
11 (9) Pirate girls. Everyone loves a girl in tight breeches and thigh boots.
12 (-) Irena Shayk. Re-entry for top model after dropping out last month.
13 (-) Sarah Harding. First time entry for Girls Aloud "singer".
15 (11) Katrina Hodge. Miss Great Britain and Army heroine.
16 (12) Jarah Mariano. Part Hawaiin, part Korean, all gorgeous.
17 (-) Cindy Morgan. Re-entry for Tron actress.
18 (-) Luci Victoria. Re-entry for British Playmate.
19 (10) Ayshea Brough. Consistently popular UFO babe.
20 (-) Aline Nakashima. Another splendid mixture: this time Brazilian and Japanese.

Highest climber is the magnificent Ola Jordan, riding on her Strictly Come Dancing victory, with Emily Blunt not far behind. Sarah Harding is the only brand new entry (the others are re-entries), no doubt pushed by the release of St Trinians 2.
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