Calendar Girl January 2010: Diora Bird

Diora in January's calendar pose

Well, we are at least six days late with our calendar girl, but actually she was late going up on the wall anyway. Other things have rather filled Agent Triple P's time last month, including an unusually high proportion of dinners out with young (some really quite young!) ladies.

Here, then, is the statuesque (5'8") Diora Baird, originally from Miami. Diora, like her mother, started as a model and took up acting at school as a way to get over her shyness. This appears to have worked, judging by her photos.

Her first proper job was folding shirts at The Gap. Agent Triple P has always needed someone who can make a good go of this during his travels, so Diora might be very useful to have about the place (so to speak)!

Her first TV appearance was in 2004 and since then she has had 30 TV or film credits to her name. However, given that some of the titles of these include: Batchelor Party Vegas (2006), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006), Brain Blockers (2007) and Porn Star (2009) we suspect that she is unliklely to be the next Glenn Close.

Triumphantly passes Agent Triple P's "does she look good in a vest?" test!

Her two most famous films are Wedding Crashers (2005) which, of course, we have not seen, and Star Trek (2009) which we have. In the latter she was cast as one of Star Trek's most iconic aliens: a green-skinned girl from Orion. Famously, in Gene Roddenberry's original pilot for Star Trek every time they sent film of the Orion dancing girl to be developed the laboratory corrected her skin tone to get rid of the green colour, assuming it was a mistake. Sadly, poor Diora's scene was cut and Rachel Nichols went on to portray the only Orion girl in the film.

It's not all about her bust...

Fortunately for us, Diora's career had a boost when she appeared in Playboy in August 2005, on the back of some adverts for Guess, where she revealed more than just her 32DD assets (real, too, it seems).

Given her extraordinarily well developed bust it is not surprising that Playboy labelled her the best Guess girl ever.  We have to say, however, that the Guess girls, like the Victoria's Secret girls do not have the profile in the UK as they do in the US so we were not aware of Diora until she appeared in our calendar.

Goodness me!

Unlike many American actresss and models she doesn't seem at all concerned about taking her clothes off for the cameras but does then seem surprised that she always gets cast as strippers.

So, a very good start to 2010 (especially for Agent DVD, we would surmise) and a change from all those rather stringy girls Sports Illustrated was starting to use in their calendars.

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