Black and White babe of the week: 15 In the bath

Wasn't sure whether to make this a Venus observed or put it here but we haven't had a black and white babe of the week for a while and this photograph is one of my favourites, so here it is.

The picture is by Cambridge born photographer Trevor Watson whose wonderful book Cheek! (2000) contains 366 photographs of girls' posteriors. Some of Watson's work verges on the grungy (he is very keen on fetish themes) but occasionally, as here, he produces something really striking.

Agent Triple P first came across this image in the long defunct The Journal of Erotica. First appearing as a quarterly publication in 1992, it was an attempt to launch an upmarket erotic magazine consisting of fiction and contemporary and period photography. It was perfect bound with a tastefully expensive-feeling textured white cover. Sadly, it only lasted just over two years, folding after nine issues, despite winning several awards.
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