Calendar Girl February: Kara Tointon

Kara's Calendar picture

February's calendar girl is Kara Tointon, someone, we have to say, who we have never heard of. She is an actress from Essex and has recently appeared in EastEnders; a quite ghastly TV programme which Agent Triple P has never watched and seems to consist entirely of horrible people shouting at each other. Her presence in his, does, however, illustrate an interesting development in British TV.

Back in the seventies and eighties there was a fundamental difference between female actresses in British TV drama and American TV drama. Quite simply, British shows featured normal looking women (or, in EastEnders' case, rather ugly women) whilst US TV was populated by women who all looked like models; and why not?

In the last fifteen years this has changed, with British TV drama and, especially, soaps, (which were the last bastion of the uglies) featuring many more attractive actors and, especially actresses.

Kara, who is 26, has benefitted from this although her time on EastEnders has now finished so we will have to see if she can maintain a career after her soap stint has finished.

Kara is quite cute in a sort of girl next door (if you happen to live in the more ghastly parts of Essex) way. Given that Agent Triple P has "experience" of a young lady from Essex he can't be too dismissive of Miss Tointon's origins we suppose!

Last August she was announced as the, er, "face" of Michelle for George underwear at poor people's Northern supermarket Asda; now owned by Evil Empire Wal-Mart. Not exactly La Perla, then.

Cheap frills. Kara for Asda.

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