Best of British...?

Wolf Blass. Scrum-my

Apparently there is some sort of rugby competition taking place at present. Agent Triple P has noticed that Waterloo station is plastered with advertisements for the England Rugby squad's official sponsor...Wolf Blass wines! Aprt from the whole issue of associating alcohol with sporting stars we are sorry but what is happening when an Australain wine is sponsoring the England team? We are all in favour of the global economy and, indeed, we like Mr Blass's wines a great deal but this seems wrong!

The world's biggest model aircraft, it seems (not the little one the girls are holding the 27 metre wingspan monstrosity at the back!).

It is rather like the "Welcome to Heathrow" plane model now being an Emirates plane instead of a British Airways Concorde. Wrong! Even worse the blooming model was made in California and brought here on a Russian aircraft.

At least the Australians play Rugby. A few years ago Coca-Cola sponsored the Tour de France. What do a bunch of American sugar-water executives know about that quintessentially European sport, cycling. Wrong!

Can you imagine this sort of thing happening in France, or Spain, or Italy or Germany or America come to that.

Find a British sponsor, even if it means less money you greedy pigs. I am sure it is all an Australian plot to get our team drunk so that they then have to play with hangovers.
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