Big Breakfast of the Week 14: A big egg for breakfast!

It's ages since we have had a big breakfast post, not that we have stopped having them just we have been too busy doing other things to post about them.  Latterly we have been in South America, staying at three separate hotels, but none of them did a proper cooked breakfast.  They all managed scrambled egg and a couple could do a fresh omelette (oddly Triple P doesn't enjoy omelettes very much) but processed ham in hot water does not make a suitable accompaniment to eggs we think.

Anyway, returning from Colombia at the weekend we were sorely in need of some proper tea (not the horrible fruit and flower types on offer - which are for girls) and a decent breakfast.  We were in Waitrose on Monday and noticed that they had some of their goose eggs on sale at half price.  This, we thought, was a great opportunity as, frankly, £6.99 for one egg is a bit pricey.

Hen's egg compared to a goose egg

We weren't sure if you could fry one, as the Easter egg-type box it came in only mentioned scrambled eggs, but thought if cooked slowly enough it would be fine. So we put a little olive oil in our Le Creuset frying pan and gave the egg  good crack.  It broke easily, although the shell is tougher than a hen's egg shell; as you would expect from something a lot larger.  A goose egg is, apparently, equivalent to two and a half normal eggs.

It perfectly filled the pan and we cooked it over a medium heat for about five minutes.  We had it with sausages, grilled tomato, toast, baked beans, wholegrain mustard and HP sauce.  The egg was deliciously creamy and we would certainly get one again - but not at full price given you can get six normal eggs for around £2.  Goose eggs are only in season from February until early June so we may have to wait a year!
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