iPod Troubles

I've been trying to sort out my playlists. I tried, with Agent DVD's help, to move all my music onto my external hard drive as my 14mb of music is filling up my pc. Unfortunately it didn't work for some reason and the iPod refused to talk to the new hard drive. Maybe I'll have another go but maybe not as I lost all my playlists and had to manually re-enter over a 100 playlists and repopulate them with all 4000 tracks. It took hours. They're still not quite in the right order so I must try to make time over the weekend to sort them out. I must also have another go at my ION MP3 turntable. The trouble is I really need a record cleaning brush to get some of the dust off. I used to have one but I've no idea where it is..

Oh, this is Marissa Miller for Sports Illustrated. What a good picture!
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