Kirsty Brimelow: Trollope of the week!

Well, no doubt who babe of the day is today: bleached-blonde barrister at the centre of the Director of Public Prosecutions sex-scandal, Kirsty Brimelow. It wasn't easy finding a picture using Alta Vista image search as the only one was obviously on her chamber's web-site (entertainingly the head of the chambers is called Trollope) and not surprisingly they have deleted her page (probably because it kept crashing their website).

Agent Triple P finds the toothy Kirsty particularly attractive (probably because she reminds him of an ex-girlfriend with a penchant for backdoor action). Usually when you find public figures caught out with a researcher/junior/secretary the woman in question tends to be a dreary bluestocking or middle aged housewife-alike with a face like old porridge, solid legs and the waistline of the Michelin man and you think, "Couldn't he do better than that?"

In this case we salute Sir Ken Macdonald for his good taste! Kirsty is fit (she likes kick boxing and kung fu), obviously intelligent (if not too astute) and is described as vivacious (which usually means "she goes like a bomb").
I will refrain from poor jokes about briefs and hope in the future she gets the Valentines Day she deserves (but then again, maybe she deserves this one).

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