Calendar Girl, March, Emily Atack

Just time to get in March's young lady who is the dinky Emily Atack of whom Triple P had never heard of until she appeared in Dancing on Ice in 2010 (she went out in the eighth round). Dancing on Ice (and, indeed Strictly Come Dancing) like to include a young bimbette in their lists to keep male viewers happy but they don't usually do very well as the principal viewers of the show are women. E

Emily, we seem to recall was actually quite good, or maybe we are just remembering her little outfits. It was quite clear that her professional skating partner on Dancing on Ice was very taken with her and was, no doubt, hoping for one of the show's notorious romances. However. Emily made it quite clear that she didn't think much of his looks. Obviously a girl who knows her own worth.

She is mainly know for being an actress in the series The Inbetweeners, which we have never seen although she has had other TV appearances.

Emily was born in 1989 in Bedfordshire and is the daughter of quite well known actress and singer Kate Robbins who is related to Paul McCartney. We remember Kate as an impressionist performing voices for the mush missed satirical puppet show Spitting Image.

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