Calendar Plane of the Month August: Hawker Hurricane Mk 1

August's plane of the month is the Hawker Hurricane Mk1, the real victor (with all due respect to the Supermarine Spitfire) of the Battle of Britain.  Its ability to take damage and keep flying was legendary but even at the time the public preferred the more glamorous Spitfire

This art is for Airfix's massive 1/24th scale kit which Triple P is in the process of building or, rather, has been in the process of building for the last five years.  

In fact the box for Agent Triple P's model is this one which has considerably less effective box art.  So far all we have done is the propeller and part of the engine so progress is somewhat slow!

Agent Triple P's great uncle flew a Hurricane during the Second World War, in the night fighter role it was given having been outclassed as a front line fighter.  Until recently, less valued than the Spitfire only six remain airworthy out of a total of 14, 231 built compared with around 50 airworthy Spitfires.

We took these pictures of a Mark 2B at Dunsfold Aerodrome (home of Top Gear), which is only about fifteen miles from where we live, about three years ago.  This is the bomber version which was developed, again, as it became too slow, comparatively, to serve as a fighter.

Very much our favourite WW2 fighter, because of the family connection.
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