Crisp packet colours

It was all very simple when we were younger. Salt and vinegar crisps came in a blue packet and cheese and onion came in a green and yellow packet (beef in Brown, chicken in yellow etc). For some reason Walkers have reversed this perfectly sensible livery therby creating total confusion amongst people of my generation. Agent Triple P does not like Walkers. He had never heard of them until his girlfriend at college, C, kept going on about them and how superior they were.

At this point in time (1979) they were a northern (well she was from Birmingham which is north as far as we are concerned-the firm originated in Leicester but I have no idea where that is in Britain) phenomenon and we still had Golden Wonder and Smiths in the more civilised parts of Britain. But alas, Walkers are now the dominant brand although McCoys and Golden Wonder retain the traditional livery. Walkers are owned by Pepsico and are, therefore, part of an Evil Empire.

This is a classic example of the sort of thing that the EU should make a ruling on. We need a pan-European crisp graphics promotion committee; probably established in one of the more scenic new EU capitals, such as Vilnius. There they can undertake a five year study on which colours suggests which crisps. We would be happy to volunteer to chair this highly important group.
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