Petra Němcová: La Senza Girl

La Senza, the cheap and cheerful lingerie shop, has announced that it's new model will be Czech superlovely Petra Němcová.

Agent Triple P has spent an inordinate amount of time in branches of La Senza (a Canadian company) with various Moosehead girls over the years.

It's not really to my taste, most of it, as it tends to garish colours but Petra makes a good go of displaying it in these pictures.

Petra, like so many others, got her big break being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

It constantly amazes me that in the so-called equal opportunity USA a sports magazine can get away with printing totally gratuitous pictures of girls in bikinis every year.

I suppose it's equal opportunities for gorgeous leggy women.

28 year old Petra was born in Karviná in the Czech Republic and is not your average dumb model.

She has written a book about her early life living under communist rule in Czechoslovakia and recently set up her own charity foundation to look after deprived children.

In the Tsunami on December 26th 2004 she was badly injured whilst staying in Thailand.

She broke her pelvis and suffered massive internal injuries and only survived by clinging to a palm tree for eight hours.

She is also an active campaigner on environmental issues. So, literally a tree-hugger, then.

Obviously tough as old boots but Agent Triple P is glad to report that her pelvis looks absolutely fine now.

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