Alesha Dixon: Come Dancing?

Well, she looks like she might when in full flow. This is the point about dancing that Agent Triple P has obviously missed over the years. We were discussing what women could possiby see in Justin Timberlake with a rather splendid lady cardiologist, S, in the bar of the Beverly Hilton earlier this month. It is all, we were told, to do with how he moves. Their theory is that men who dance well will be good at sex. This is patently nonsense and I'm sure that it is something to do with cavemen dancing around fires and fertility. It usually is.

Agent Triple P finds himself, bizarrely, looking forward to Saturday's show, especially given that ballroom dancing is about at far as you can get from uninhibited cavepeople jiggling around a fire in an attempt to persuade a caveperson of the opposite sex to make cavebabies. But then we don't have a show featuring semi-evolved proto-humans doing unco-ordinated dancing to primitive music in order to attract a mate. Well, not since they cancelled Top of the Pops, anyway.

Anyway, we had been expecting to appreciate Kelly Brook the most but find our anticipation is largely fuelled by the presence of Alesha, of whom we had never even heard until several weeks ago.

She is very much a classic "reality" TV candidate: she attempted to go it alone from her group a couple of years ago and disappeared without trace so this is giving her some coverage.

Unlike last week's dress which seemed to consist of nothing but what looked like green feathers and made her look rather like Orville the Duck. Well, can you spot the difference? This week she has to undertake a ballroom dance rather than the Latin ones she has been so effectively shimmying in so far. Has she got the physical discipline? Time will tell!

She may look like a duck but look at the thighs on her! Awesome!

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