Whingeing Dago

Lewis Hamilton: goes like a train

Agent Triple P has always had a more than passing interest in Formula 1, given that his Uncle virtually invented the sport as it is today.

I am heartily sick, therfore, of Fernando Alonso's continual whingeing against his employers, McLaren Racing, becuase his supposed junior teammate was doing better than him and, as a result, they were supporting him technically in a way unusual for a number two in a team. The creepy Dago, like many other sportspeople when faced with a younger (usually) and more charismatic rival started spouting on about how superior his sporting achievements and pedigree were. This ignores the fact that sports are completely meaningless and are in the same entertainment category as the Spice Girls. No-one cares if you are a technically better racing driver/tennis player/footballer if you are completely dull. Less able performers with other assets (Anna Kournikova) are always going to attract more attention and advertisers.

The situation is simpler in professional cycling. you might be the nominate team leader but if you stop getting the results you soon end up riding tempo for the current hot performer.

Anna Kournikova: goes like a train (allegedly)

Agent Triple P met Ms Kournikova at a party in a West End hotel once and found her completely delightful in a way that Hamster from hell Monica Seles wasn't.

Monica Seles: But, I'm a much better player..

For the sport/major global corporate industry of Formula 1 Hamilton would have been a much better champion than Alonso or personality bypass winner, Raikonnen. let's hope he can do it next year.
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