Come Dancing!

Agent Triple P's views on the idiocy of dancing is well known, particularly for men. Nevertheless he is quite enjoying the new series of Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC. How the BBC have transformed the much derided world of ballroom dancing and made it trendy and popular is amazing but even more amazing are some of the ladies' outfits.
Basically the format is the old "teach has-been celebrities to do something hard and laugh at them as they fail" one. This contest involves male celebrities dancing with professional female dancers and the celebrity women dancing with professional male dancers.

There are some particularly fine lady celebrities this year, our favourites being model and "actress" (well, have you seen Three?") Kelly Brook.

However, we also have Penny Lancaster (now Mrs Rod Stewart, sadly).

There is also some girlie singer Alesha Dixon from a group called Mis-Teeq, who'd I'd never heard of but she looks very fine indeed.

There is also an old favourite of ours, the impressively top heavy Kate Garraway, from breakfast TV.

Unusually, this year, the celebrity women are more attractive than the dancers although we have a soft spot for the impressively taut and deliciously named Flavia Cacace.

None of them quite match up to the superb Ola Jordan, however.

This Polish-born 25 year old professional Latin dancer is a very handy-sized 5'2" and is more flexible than a rubber band.
Quite splendid!

What a poppet!
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