Lost Babes: Simone Bendix

Ah, Space Precinct, yet another clear indicator that Gerry Anderson should stick with puppets. It lasted for only one season but, in fact, Agent Triple P largely enjoyed it for the jovially misogyinist tosh it was (the baddie invariably turned out to be a woman).

Apart from a great theme tune it featured the lovely Simone Bendix who really should have gone on to greater things. Sometimes Agent Triple P spots a young actress in an early role and thinks "you should be a star!" Sometimes he is right (A very young Rachel Weisz playing a student in Inspector Morse made a great impression, Katherine Heigl in Under Siege 2 and then Roswell before winning a Golden Globe for Grey's Anatomy this year and busting the box office in Knocked Up) but sometimes he is wrong, and he got it completely wrong with Simone.

The strapping Simone (she is 6') is actually Danish and is now 40, which means that she has missed it as regards stardom, sadly.

We first noticed her in the (sadly underrated) Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in 1993 but she got her big break in Gerry Anderson's comeback series and Scottish nonsense The Crow Road.

Since then she has kept working as a guest actress in shows like Taggart, Bugs, A Touch of Frost and the Inspector Lynley Mysteries as well as regular appearances in Danish cinema and TV.

Agent Triple P is sad that you didn't make the big time but keen to keep your gorgeousness in the public eye.

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