Emma Watson

Agent Triple P wanted something not very challenging to watch on my flight back from Los Angeles and decided to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone) as British Airways insisted it was called. This showed that they had the American version as presumably Americans are deemed to be too ill-educated to know what a philosopher is. But given the whole plot turned on a stone which transmuted matter it made the change rather confusing.

It was an OK children's fantasy with some rather ropey CGI. However we were impressed with young Emma Watson who was by far the best of the juvenile leads.

Aged 11 at the time she has now grown up rather nicely without, perhaps, quite fulfilling her promise, although Agent DVD might well disagree!

Some of the pictures on the internet are presented in a rather dubious context given that she was a very young girl dressing up in make-up and adult clothes at premiers whilst still a young teenager. Agent Triple P is certainly not interested in girls that young but she is now seventeen and more able to be appreciated for the fine young woman she has become.

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