Dagens Stunder: Lars Erik-Larsson

We are very much enjoying Dagens Stunder, (the hours of the day), by Swedish Composer, Lars Erik-Larsson, at present.

Larsson, who died in 1986, was a student of Alban Berg and produced a lot of music in that style but he also composed some very Sibelian music and Dagens Stunder is very much in the latter category. A piece in six movements it recalls some of Sibelius' Scenes Historiques (with touches of Schumann) and is just as melodically strong. Thanks to my very close friend A for suggesting this piece when we asked her for a suitable piece of Swedish music to remember my recent trip to Stockholm by.

This piece is available on a BIS compilation disc by the Malmo Symphony Orchestra called Portrait.


She first played it for me on the sunny afternoon when Agent Triple P took this picture so it has certainly had the effect of associating the music with the place.
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