Kelly Brook

Well, she is a little unsubtle for Agent Triple P, perhaps, but Agent DVD is in love..

There is also no doubt that she is a fine looking young woman but the fact that she comes from the Medway Towns weighs against her.

Agent Triple P has had several experiences of interacting with Estuarine women, notably D and L, and found them both rather high maintenance, emotionally.

Although both did go, it has to be admitted, like Duracell bunnies.
No doubt Miss Brook is the same.

High maintenance, that is.

We had a particularly entertaining evening at the Tapas Bar (controversially) this evening and the A team of babes were there all looking particularly fetching.

Agent Triple P was having trouble with gravity (or was it the lack of light) but the Brazilian babes came to the rescue.

Agent DVD claims it's because his DVD player is playing up and so he is having to watch more TV and so happened to be watching Strictly Come Dancing this weekend.

He says it was only because Penny Lancaster and Kelly Brook were on Jonathan Ross on Friday. Odd, as Agent DVD hates Jonathan Ross.

Never mind he seemed to be very impressed by Miss Brook's "personality" and set about trying to find some "artistic" pictures, with rather limited success we gather.

So we are glad to come to the rescue with this selection of pictures which brings out her bubbly personality very effectively, we feel.

Kelly is, a rather surprising, 5'9" tall.

She looks shorter but perhaps that is because her proportions are, er, unconventional.

Her vital statistics are claimed to be 34E-24-34.

Agent DVD of course, is only interested in her mind so will be gratified to find that she has 9 GCSEs, (English, English Literature, Maths, History, Geography, Biology, Drama, Media Studies and French).

What a talented girl!

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