Pork Pie

Christmas isn't Christmas without pork pie. You can keep all your cold Turkey and cold bacon rolls (which always turn the consistency of leather anyway) but pork pie is something else.

Of course, we shouldn't eat it and we were planning to be good but our miserable Christmas lunch made us want to get something nice, at least, this holiday. We are not one of those people who worries that it's made from pigs' ears and what not; after all if you are happy eating cow's arse what's the difference in eating pigs snout, trotters or ears? Let's face it the Germans eat all the peripheral bits of a pig in a soup. Er, yes. Maybe a point there, after all.

Never mind, we have bought a Tesco Finest Melton Mowbray pie which cost a fortune compared to your bog standard one. We hope it's worth it! We will have it with wholegrain mustard and pickled onions. Excellent!
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