St Trinians premier

Jodie Whittaker (25) looks quite splendid and Mischa Barton (21) looks quite cute in long socks in the new St Trinians movie.

Well, jolly annoyed today as Agent Triple P had to meet a couple of chaps in a wine bar in Leicester Square and just around the corner was the World premier of the new St Trinians film.

Newcomer Gemma Arterton not looking at all like a schoolgirl

Even more annoying was the fact that S had tickets to the premier! Grr!

Three fifths of Girls Aloud. Actually, Nicola (left) the famously "ugly one" is the only one here who doesn't look ropey.

Now on so many levels a remake of St Trinians should be an ideal film for Agent Triple P but we suspect it will be a stinker of such magnitude that it will make Nuns on the Run look like Some Like it Hot. Even the presence of Girls Aloud in the film (and, curses, on tonight's red carpet) will not, I suspect, make it a must watch; especially as its being done by the man responsible for the Spice Girls film.

Now these are naughty schoolgirls.

As Colin Firth (who's in it) said recently "I thought it would be really pervy until I saw the originals from the fifties and then I realised how mild it was". Indeed lots of blogs have been showing stills from the film and then agonising over it sexualising schoolgirls and the men (good grief) wh0 write them have been saying how they are not comfortable about it. For heaven's sake, they are twenty something actresses pretending to be schoolgirls! It will also no doubt be full of politically correct "girl power". That's not the problem. The real problem is that there are so many real schoolgirls today dressing in microskirts and looking like prostitutes that the whole image has no shock or indeed, we suspect, titillation value at all these days; for exactly the same reasons that a Carry On film wouldn't work now either.

Now these are women you want to see dressed as schoolgirls: Sabrina (above) and Lisa Gastoni (below).

Much better to stick to the originals we say!
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