Get a bloomin' move on! 2

I was in Waitrose today, queuing up at the delicatessen counter to get some chorizo and some sunblush tomatoes and some old person was holding everything up. There was only one girl on the counter and this idiot was buying four ounces of cheddar. So she has to unwrap, it move it to the cheesewire, ask him how much he wanted, he then changed his mind three times before deciding. Then she had to cut, it wrap it, bag it, weigh it, print a label and stick it on the bag and return the main bit of cheese to the counter. Then he wanted five (five?) ounces of Red Leicester. For heavens sake. The whole procedure all over again. Then three slices of ham. How thick? etc etc. Then eight slices of corned beef. The a dozen olives. GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

They have all this stuff ready wrapped or in a can in the main part of the supermarket. Get your frackin' cheese and corned beef there!! It's not Harrods food hall; it's a supermarket! Fair enough on ham, I suppose, but not all the other stuff. It's cheaper and probably fresher from the shelves. Don't tell me it's because you are poor either and can only afford five ounces of cheese and not eight. If you were poor you wouldn't be shopping in Waitrose you'd be in ASDA of Morrisons!

By this time there were five people waiting. Don't you have any sense of embarrassment? Sixteen minutes it took!

Get a bloomin' move on!
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